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Youtube Converter

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About Youtube Converter

YouTube is an ocean of video where billions of video assemble of different genres; such as music, movies, sports, news and many others. We can browse and watch entertaining or educational video online any time. Suppose, you want to download a video clip or a funny video and just want to extract the audio track and save in mp3 file for having an offline playback experience. Now it is very easy to do so. You can convert the YouTube video to a mp3 file and store it on hard drive with less space.

Youtube Mp4 to Mp3 Converter

YouTube converter is the software that can easily and swiftly convert your video files to mp3 files. It is a simplistic looking powerful video converting program that can convert any YouTube video to save in .mp3 files both in windows and Mac platform. In these days Youtube was the most simple, easily accessible, reliable and authentic online service for converting videos to mp3. For that you do not have to create an account, you just have to have one thing- that is a YouTube URL. You need to just submit it. The YouTube converter will start to convert the video file submitted by you to mp3 as soon as you start the process. Then the mp3 file will be ready to be downloaded. The whole process is a matter of a few minutes. Thus, it is out of question that the YouTube converter works with efficiency and accuracy. This YouTube converter does not work like other servers, rather unlike those the entire conversion process is performed by the infrastructure of the program itself and you have only one task to do- download the audio file from the server. So, you have to just submit the video and wait for a few minutes and the mp3 file is ready for you to be downloaded from the server.

Here a third party tool is used. This software is platform independent- that is compatible on various different platforms: you can use it on your Linux PC, your iphone or Your Mac, anything you wish- the software is created to perform with equal accuracy and quickness. All of the conversions will be performed in high quality mode. You will be receiving it in high bit rate, for instance at least 128 Kbit/ second. Moreover, the service is absolutely free of cost.

It can also format anything from its native format to any other audio or video file types. Moreover, this software include many other specially designed preset for popular device, not just that- in addition to these features this program has basic video editing tools, such as: trimming, rotating, cropping, making watermarks, application of 3D effects, add effects and other basic capabilities. For these added options this server can produce and present before yourself a better looking finished file.

Pros & Cons of Youtube Converter

Not only YouTube, this video downloader and converter can easily download videos from other popular video sharing websites like BBC. Facebook, Vimeo, Hulu, Metacafe, Vevo, BlipTv, Dailymotion and many more. This website has a clean and straightforward interface with the conversion function laid out neatly on home page.


  • The conversion process is very easy
  • This process requires very short time
  • No complication in handling
  • Easily accessible and accurate
  • Fast and error free conversion


  • Sometimes conversion process speed really becomes slow, specially due to dealing with large size video files
  • Unable to set audio channels before YouTube to mp3 conversion

How to convert and download process step by step

  • Go to the download tab ( you will see 3 buttons- download, converter, media server, choose the ‘download’ button)
  • Copy the URL from YouTube and convert to mp3 (go to official YouTube site and copy the URL of the video)
  • Convert into mp3 by quality reserved
  • Press converter and click star button
Youtube Converter and Downloader Function

This Youtube Converter & Downloader will generate the Video into some kind types of Mp3, which:

  • Mp3 360 kpbs
  • Mp3 256 kbps
  • Mp3 192 kbps
  • Mp3 128 kbps
  • Mp3 64 kbps

For additional function, this Youtube Converter could convert the Video to some kind types of video format.

  • WEBM 360p
  • MP4 360p
  • 3GP 240p
  • 3GP 144p

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