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Online business is one of the most successful businesses now days. The point is simple more the users more is the profit. But the effort is very challenging as to get more users your page or website has to be good in search engine ranking. For this there are many points on which the focus is required such as content of your page should be unique and not copied, keywords should be SEO friendly and most importantly your page should redirect properly. This is where Redirect checker comes in handy.

What is Redirect Checker?

Redirect checker is software and it helps you to check whether or not your redirect is search engine friendly. This checker shows you whether or not the users are being redirected to the desired site or not. This is very important because if your redirect is not search engine friendly you shall lose a lot of users. This helps you to change your URL timely so that users can be redirected to correct page.

How to use Redirect checker?

To use this software you have the avail the internet as it cannot be downloaded. Simply go to any browser and type Redirect checker. There will be many options to choose from so choose according to your requirement. Many pages offer a free trial so it is advised that you should try on two to three different sites first and then you can decide to take a subscription. You simply have to enter the URL of your page of whose redirect you want to check.

Why use Redirect Checker?

Let us take an example. Say you have a site with URL and you create a redirect to another URL so that whenever any user types then the search engine should redirect the user to the URL you redirected the site. Now say something goes wrong in coding or redirect page, the search engine will think that the page has no content and the ranking of the page will decrease tremendously and people will not be able to find that page.

Tips for Beginners

Here are some tips that might come to use for anyone as this is something many people get confused with:

  • 301 = Permanent Redirect = Will pass authority from old URL to new URL (This is the case when you move some content from one page to another and hence URL is altered.)
  • 302 = Temporary Redirect = won’t pass authority from old URL to new URL (This is the case when you move something but the change is not permanent)

It is very important for good ranking in Search Engine that redirect is Search Engine Friendly. Otherwise this can result in a loss. If users are not able to find your site then there will be no traffic for your site and hence no sale and no profit. You need to use redirect smartly to maximize your users and your profit. Changes in URL sometimes tend to create some problems so you should regularly get your redirect checked.

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