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Many time. While reading a piece on the computer internet we often come through colorful words. These words can take you another piece of a document from the same page or to another document o another page. What are they called and why are they used? These colorful words are commonly known as links. Another term that is being used by the programmers for links is the hyperlink that’s when clicked can take you to another location of the same page or to a different document of a different website. Not only an image can be linked to but one can link image also. Furthermore one can link a word to an image and vice versa.

Another example can be that when you search in the search engine and enter a specific term on which you want to carry on the search, a list is being displayed that Google or any other search engine thinks is capable of solving your search query. This list contains information like the title of the page, a description and in middles of that a colorful link that contains many special symbols in it. We generally click on these links. It takes us to the page that contains the title and description on that title. Links are also used in implementing the reference mechanism where letters, indexes, table of contents, glossaries and bibliography are being contained.

There are thousands of such examples of links that are hard to describe in one article. Links can be opened in the same tab or even can be opened in a separate tab or even in a separate window that fully depends on you. Some other terms that are closely related to links can be hypertext, anchor text, source document and hypertext software. To go into a more detailing, Hypertext is that piece of text that is being the hyperlinked. Second, anchor text is the destination text on which the hyperlink takes you. Whereas the document that contains the hyperlink is called the source document. Hypertext software is that software that is being used to create or view the hypertext. Links that follows in more than one direction are known as the bi-directional hyperlinks. The two ends are termed as the anchor text and the target. Through the process, the experts have succeeded in establishing many to many links and even more complex arrangements in terms of links

Links can have different utilityOne can be that it takes you from one page to another when a link is being clicked. When the links in the search engine result page are being clicked it takes you to the place where the original page lies. Thus the webmaster gains as visitors can view their page by clicking the link. Apart from this links are also been proved to be the webmaster for ranking of the website. Google or search engine ranking do highly matter for the webmasters. They do all efforts to rank their page on the first page of the search engine but before that, you need to enroll or better to say list up your website. For that Google spiders do crawl your website. There are certain cases where a page or two are being missed by the crawlers. To avoid certain conditions the webmasters do highly rely on the links. As per the experts, a webmaster needs to link each and every page well so that the spiders do not miss any page. While crawling, whenever the spiders find a link they just follow the link and goes to the destination page. In this way, they crawl the whole website provided linked properly. If the link follows to any other website then the spider will crawl that website also. On basis of that, the ranking up of the website do highly matters.

Links can be internal links and external links

Links to the web page that points to any content or image on the same page or website or domain are called the internal links. A more common example of an internal link can be the menu bar present at the top of the website which takes you to another section or another page of the same website. Internal links are highly beneficial for the webmasters as that can helps the visitors in fully navigating through the website.

On the other hand, external links are those that can take the users to another domain. External links are always been beneficial for the destination website as it takes the visitors to that other website. Whenever a website earns external links it is considered to be positive.

Do you regularly check links for your website?

No, then count that in your routine. Links can help you in many ways and one of the important functions of links can be to rank high in the search engine. Manually checking for links is really tired some, so you can go for links count checker that will give you the total number of links for your website along with the external and the internal links earned

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