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In the current web scenario, having good on page and off page SEO is extremely necessary for any website to thrive in Google. Good SEO promises hordes of organic traffic and you must make sure your website is constantly optimized. However, previously we didn’t have any tool through which we could measure how well (or how over) our site is optimized. With this website analyzer tool, you can analyze your complete website for inbound, outbound and many other types of links. Analyzing the number of these links will help you know your site better so that you can further optimize it for better search results.

What is Website Analyzer?

If you have always wanted to analyze your site's status on how many links it has, you can do it through the simple and easy to use Website analyzer tool. Unlike many other such tools, you get the results almost instantly. You don’t have to wait for much time just to know the link types and their detailed view.

How to use Website Analyzer?

Using the tool to analyze your website is extremely very easy. It is a 1 -step process which just asks you the URL for the website you want to analyze. You need to enter an URL in the given input and then there will be an image verification code that you need to enter. After doing the above, you need to just press the submit button. In just an instant, you will be given the result and complete analysis of your website. This won't take much of your time.

Why use Website Analyzer?

We all know the multiple benefits of SEO and to make sure that our website is fully optimized to be ranked high on search engines, we need to know about the link types on our website. This tool offers you a full report of how many inbound and external links you have. Also, you get to know the number of do follow links which are important for you to know if you want to let search engines index your site pages.

Tips on using the Website analyzer to optimize your website

Below are a few tips that would help you in analyzing your website and make it compatible with the best SEO practices:

  • Keep your website structure in a way which makes sure all the internal links are indexable and can be read easily by search engines. This tool will show you how many internal links you exactly have.
  • You must make sure that all of them are Do follow links as No follow links don’t get indexed by search engines.
  • However, if you want the search engines to ignore some links then you can do it through robots.txt files too.

You are now aware of all the tips as well as the tool that you can use to properly analyze your site. Use it to make better improvements in the SEO of your website and make your website rank higher.

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