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Web Based Proxy Sites

What is Web Based Proxy Sites?

So would you like to browse the enormous World Wide Web, enjoy and utilize the features it has to offer you, but at the same time don’t want to compromise with your privacy? Then you will be happy to know that it’s possible. Thanks to proxy servers. In general terms, web based proxies sites stands for someone or some guy who has the authority to represent someone else, there by hiding the identity of the person. Its meaning in computer terms is closely related to the general terms.

Proxy servers acts as an intermediate between the requests maker (user accessing data) and the main server which holds the information. Most web based proxies sites are web-based, allowing access to various websites on the internet and hiding the identity of the user at the same time. There are three types of web-based proxies, on the basis of the users using them at a particular time.

Web Based Proxy Sites - is third party computer services as hub through internet requests by connecting to the proxy servers. You will sends the requests and the server will processing your request and return the information you requested. web based proxies sites used for many reasons like blocked web content or parental blocks, with it you can access it and unblocks the blocked sites.

Types of Proxy Sites

Public Proxies: Also known as Open Proxies, these kind of proxies are available to the general public free of cost and has many users using it at a particular time. This type of proxies is good only for general browsing. You cannot count on its anonymity as there are number of methods into tricking the user to reveal itself.

Semi Dedicated Proxies: These proxies are limited to use only by three users and they are not for free. However, they aren’t expensive compared to the dedicated or private proxies. These are good for carrying out general scraping tasks where you don’t need high speed proxies.

Dedicated or Private Proxies: These are also known as Premium proxies. They are the best in their kind and they are allotted only to one user till his/her subscription expires. They are generally expensive than Semi dedicated, but they are value for money since they offer high speed requests ranging from 100ms to 500ms per request. These also are usually Google passed proxies, which you can use to harvest data from Google without any blocks if you limit the usage.

Benefits by using Proxies sites:

Proxies have numerous uses. Some of them are given below:

  • You can access the internet without worrying about your identity being leaked. You are anonymous.
  • You can visit sites which are restricted to a particular locality by using the proxy IP of that particular location. This is extremely useful for internet marketers to view the websites or videos which have country based restrictions.
  • You can use proxies and harvest data from search engines like Google, Bing, Baidu etc. without getting your main IP banned for power usage and getting priceless data at the same time.
  • You can access blocked websites. This is useful particularly for employees in offices where Facebook and other social networking sites are usually blocked.

Web Based Proxies List

Today many web based proxies sites offers they services for free to use Web-based proxy with some options like Encrypt the URL ,Encrypt Pages, Allow/Disallow Web Cookies, Removing Script or Object to improve your connection speed. We have enlisted some popular free sources from where you can harvest public proxies for your normal day to day anonymity needs. Keep in mind that these are public proxies and you probably need private proxies if you are a power user looking for speed and stability. Unlike other web based proxies sites which displaying Proxy server Country and IP address only, but instead we put value of Domain Authority and Alexa Rank ,for webmasters favor to find Linking, promote and advertise their web based proxies sites to other high quality Proxy Sites, Not only that we also allowing our users to submit their favorite Proxy servers to our list of Proxy Sites.

Why Alexa Rank in Web Based Proxy Site List?

You must be confused about why we put Alexa Ranking in the List, the reason is very simple. For common users with Alexa Ranking you can see which web based proxy is popular and as for SEO Experts they will able to find high-traffic proxy site for their Off-Page SEO purpose.

Sort By: Alphabet | Alexa Rank
Social Bookmarking Sites Alexa
1Free Proxy 11975099
4Ever Proxy 129096
America Proxy 5013612
Anony Mouse 29883
Anonymizer 434934
Blew pass 277086
Caproxies 7130410
Defilter 2229267
Don't Filter 614518
Fast USa 967589
Fish Proxy 2190963
Free Proxy Tube 14103978

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