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Social Bookmarking Sites List

Do you want to share web document’s bookmarks online? Do you have any idea about how can you achieve that? If not then this article can help you out. Social bookmarking can be referred to as the centralized service that does work online and allows the users to perform their bookmarks of their web documents. Apart from sharing the web document, it does permit the users to add, edit and gloss. This service is highly used by the internet users to share the links to their WebPages along with article, images, videos and blog posts. Sometime or sometimes we all have participated in social bookmarking. Whenever you send a link to other WebPages to your family and friends, you are taking the help of social bookmarking. There are a number of sites that provide online bookmarking services since the year 1996. Social bookmarking can be defined in a lot of ways. One can be like that social bookmarking can be compared with web page tagging where you can bookmark a web page with the help of online tool and can use the web page for later use. Social bookmarking is saving the web page for later use on the web. The main advantage of social bookmarking can be, it allows the users to access the web page from anywhere and from any device with internet connection. You can also share them with others from there only. Experts do highly believe that social bookmarking helps in increasing the awareness for your brand. It works such that the greater number of people get accessed to your content, the more it gets popular and thus can increase the brand awareness likewise. Social bookmarking can be of high utility when you want to work online and allow you to save online for further access from another computer. Social bookmarking has an important feature called the tagging that can be used to organize the bookmarks and to develop folksonomies, that is shared vocabulary.

Social Bookmarking Sites

What are the advantages of social bookmarking?

For opening a web page you need to go in the search engine and search by its name. A list of links are then displayed in the search engine result page and you need to pick your target website from that heap. Now with social bookmarking, you get the benefit of clicking the targeted website rather searching from the pile of websites.

Whenever you search on a specific subject in one of the social bookmarking sites, it does facilities you with all the information that is available about that specific topic. There can be some topic that has gained less importance whereas there can be certain that gets a huge importance. No matter how much is the topics valued, this sites comes up with results showing all the information on the searched topic. This process is certainly the best and the easiest as it saves your time in searching the website in the search engine and then picking up the right one from that heap stack of links.

Social bookmarking has gained a lot of interest in the last few years. It has turned out to be the search engine that functions socially. So, social bookmarking has made it possible, not to search from that thousands of results that are usually displayed in the search engine, rather you can visit the site for social bookmarking and tag your category of interest and can easily find the website that is most popular according to your interest.

What is a Social bookmarking website?

A website that is used to do Social Bookmarking Sites is popularly known as the social bookmarking tool. Many times it happens with us, that while we are going to read an interesting topic, we can get interrupted by some important work. In such a situation we often email the link or write the link on some piece of paper that often get lost. Thus by any chances, we lose to visit the page again or have to do a quite lot of job before getting into the content of a specific website. To avoid such circumstances, social bookmarking is being introduced that facilitate us by marking those websites and can easily be accessed from any computer that has an internet connection. So, here is a description of the common social bookmarking websites that can make your bookmarking work easier;

1. Pinterest

Pinterest - While surfing on the internet browser you must have come across the term “Pin It”. This quoted term is often seen on picture and is used to pull out all images from the website so as to start the pinning process. Introduced in the year 2010, Pinterest is a company that works on mobile and web applications and benefits us by storing the images, collecting and lastly sharing of it. By now it has gained users of 70 million all over the world.

2. Delicious

Delicious - Known as the original social bookmarking website, Delicious came into the market in the year 2003 by Avos Systems. Now operated by Science Inc, allow you to perform content grouping that can be of your own creation or can even be the contribution from others. Though this tool one, if they want, cannot allow other users to contribute to their site.

3. Bitly

Bit.Ly - Popular as the marketing and link shortened tool, Bitly is a popular tool for performing social bookmarking. For better functioning of Bitly, you need to install the Bitly Chrome extension to your browser and view all you bookmarking through the “Your Bitlinks”. It also allows the users to add tags and utilize search function for viewing up of the bookmarked web page quickly.

4. Reddit

Reddit - If you are in search of unique content and off-beat news then here is Reddit that can be of your highest utility. It was launched in the year 2004; Reddit allows you to post text or link in the place of content. Voting is mainly done on that basis. The pages with more votes displayed at the page top and with fewer votes appear at the last. So, you can definitely post links to stories, videos, and images that if found interesting is ranked high.

So, Social bookmarking sites have gained immense importance in the past years and are supposed to get more on the rare future. So, if you want you can definitely join the social bookmarking sites to get yourself updated.

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Social Bookmarking Sites Alexa
Bibsomany 49530
Bit.Ly 859
Blinklist 239523
Blog Bookmark 615875
Blurpalicious 282079
Bookmark Manager 3194768
Bookmax 131623
Buddymarks 1108424
Citeulike 59343
Clipclip 0
Cloudytags 508354
Delicious 80010

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