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Search Engines List & Ranking

Search Engines List - Search engines are programs that search documents for any particular key word. Then it returns a list of documents directly or indirectly related to the word given for search. A search engine is a general class of programs; though in general the term is often specifically describe the systems like Google, Yahoo, Bing, search that enable the users to find something on the world wide web.

Today there are thousands of different web search engines available online. The first and oldest search engine that was developed is known as Archie that used to search for FTP files. And if we consider the first text based search engine then we must call the name “Veronica”. Today the most popular and well known of all search engines is Google. Other popular search engines include AOL,, Baidu, Bing and Yahoo.

How Does a Search Engine work?

A search engine typically works by sending ‘spider’. The search engine sends out a ‘spider’ to fetch as many search bar related documents as possible. Then the search engine makes use of another program, called the indexer. The indexer works on reading the document and making an index based on the words contained in each document. Every search engine uses a proprietary algorithm to create its indices so that practically, only related and meaningful results return against every query.

The method of indexing and processing the data often include the following steps.

  • Strip out stop words
  • Record the remaining words in the page
  • Record hoe frequently the searched word occur in the doc
  • Record links to other pages
  • Record info about images and other embedded media

The data collected by the above method is used in ranking the page. This is the basic method a search engine uses to determine if a page should be shown on the search engine result or not. This method also determines the order in which the page will be displayed.

Finally, when the data is processed it is split up in two or more files, moved to different places and saved in memory where it will be stored to be accessed on time of search.

Types of Search Engine

There are mainly three major types of search engines. These are:

  • Crawler based search engines
  • Human powered search engines
  • Meta search engines
When people mention the term “search engine” they usually do not differentiate between the two types of search engine “crawler based search engine” and “human powered search engine”. But these two are inherently different from each other.

Search Engines List

Crawler based search engines

Like Google, AIITheWeb and AltaVista arrange their listing automatically by using a piece of software called “crawler” or “spider”. Web page changes can be dynamically identified by crawler based search engines.

These types of search engines are good when you have a specific topic in your mind. In this case, the crawler works with efficiency in finding the relevant information regarding the search topic. Crawler based search engines have 3 main components:

The crawler

The crawler or spider reads a web page thoroughly and then follows links to the other page within the site. The spider returns to check the site on a regular basis

The index

The spider sends everything to the next step, the index. This will contain a copy of each page found by the spider.

The search engine software

This portion is the part where the user enters his or her query. This software interprets it find in the records to match the search option. Then it presents the result in front of the user in a customizable manner.

Human powered search engine

Actually, this is a type of search engine where shown results are affected by human intervention. Usually, people who use the search engine rate the results to come up on the page or not. The software use complex algorithm. This algorithm takes into account the frequency of the word in the web page, position of the word, and the number of links to a page and so on.

Meta search engine

Meta search engine is a search tool that produces another search engine’s data to generate their own result. It takes the query from an user and send it to the third party search engine for results. Then the related data is collected and presented to the user.

Why Submit Your Site to Search Engines?

To Do Search Engines Submission for your site is to get a higher rank on the search engine result. To have more web traffic it is really necessary to have your site submitted to search engines.

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