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Robots.txt Generator

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Now, Create 'robots.txt' file at your root directory. Copy above text and paste into the text file.


About Robots.txt Generator

When it comes to creating a website, there is more than just web design and creating a catchy domain name! You'll have to consider the content as well as the keywords and advertisements you'll add in order to attract more readers and viewers to your website. Whether you use it for your personal blog or business, finding the ways on how to keep your website interesting and the visit rate increasing is important. Robots txt generator is just one of the useful tools that help with your website. There are different codes to be used when creating the robots txt file, which can get confusing. But don't worry, the technical side of things start to get easy to handle once you get to know more about them. And with the Robots txt generator, you will be able to pick it up quickly.

So what exactly is a robots txt generator?

This handy tool helps create robots.txt files easily. These files are useful when it comes to giving instructions to web bots regarding what to do upon visiting your website. You can disallow them from visiting, or only allow a certain robot. You can actually do this in a notepad, but since the codes do get complicated for beginners, a Robots txt generator has been created to make things easier.

What makes robots txt generator so important?

These Robots txt generator are very handy when it comes to controlling the amounts of robots that visit your website. With the robots txt generator, you are able to exclude or allow certain robots from entering your website, and getting or scanning certain files from it. But, there are some exceptions or robots who do not follow your robots.txt file. These include e-mail harvesters, malware, and some search engine robots that would take everything or items for your website that were said not to be taken. So this isn't the surefire way to hide information or files, but it will help with search engines and controlling badly-behaved web crawlers (the robots).

How do you use robots txt generator?

Using the robots txt generator is quite simple.

  • Type in the root's domain URL in the textbox
  • Allow or disallow the search engines and web crawlers that are indicated in the toolbox, choosing between allowing or disallow.
  • Add a new or restricted directive if you wish
  • Click "Create robots.txt" and wait for the text to appear And there you have it.

A simple way to help improve your website and show appropriate content to Search Engines. Add the text file to the top-level directory of your web server and you're good to go. To learn more about robot.txt files and their uses and how to properly add it to your website, you can consult professionals, or check out articles online that will be able to help you. Rest assured that with this handy robots txt generator, you will be able to create robot.txt files with ease and in no time.

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