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Before going into the detailing of reverse IP, we need to understand basic about IP. It may not be familiar for comers but for a computer specialist especially a networking guy, IP address or Internet Protocol address can be very essential. The IP address is needed for the sending and receiving up of any document. Any data needs IP address for entering any specific computer. Transfer of data and information from one computer to another can be largely done by knowing the IP address of the machine. IP address contains information such as the location and other information too. Whenever you are clicking on news or weather report or online videos, you do largely require IP address of the machine. Each computer on the networking is assigned a separate number known as the IP address. For a single device or computer, the number assign is unique. You will see no two number been assigned to two computers. This address is mainly used to identify the machine in the network. The IP address is no hidden up thing. One can easily view the IP address of a computer. It can be defined as the Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) and the 32-bit number. IPv6 OF 128 bit was invented in the year 1995 and in the year 1998, it is standardized as RFC 2460. Receiving or sending of data largely depends on Internet Protocol address or IP address of the device or computer on which you are working. Through IP address the machine identifies you with whom communication is being established. Thus it can be stated as the address or name used to identify your device and the location of the device when you are working on any network.

Reverse IP can be different as it does not change domain name into IP address rather reverse IP can be defined as the method by which IP address are being translated in the domain name. It can be termed as the process to know that the same IP address is shared by how many websites. Every domain name has an IP address. The server name is assigned to each IP address. Thus by looking at the IP address used by the domain, you can come to know about the domain that relies on it. It is a clear picture of the other domain that is present in the server. Reverse IP is also used to filter those websites that are being generated by the spammers. Multiple domains can be seen through many web hosts that have the same account, here spammers take the advantage and enter their account with many such domains that can be hundreds or sometimes thousands, so as to create a number of separated sites automatically. Through this process, it is checked whether the same IP address is shared by different websites or not.

What is a Reverse IP Lookup?

Commonly used in environments where shared hosting can be done. Many organizations use this process and serve as an excellent platform in order to expand the surface attack while looking after a particular web server. If the primary website is secure then there is a chance of getting access to a less secure website that is residing on the same server by passing targeted website’s security controls. You can use reverse IP Lookup for the following;

  • To know about all those domains that visit your website and finally lands on the IP address of the competitor.
  • To know about the list of the domains those are hosted on the known IP address.
  • To know about the domain name that is being targeted.

What is Reverse IP Lookup tool?

Thus Reverse IP Lookup tool is used to find the name of the additional sites that are working on the same web server. You need to enter the IP address or domain name and the searches began to know about the various sites that are hosting on that web server. IP certain cases there are certain tools that give you the provision of entering the URL for a given site and it will display the IP address of that specific site along with the listing of the different reverse domain name for that particular URL. This tool is highly useful and can do the lookup in a fraction of the second. You can enter a single URL at a time but can also perform the second test immediately after the first one is being done. Thus by this, you can know about all the sites that visited your website. This is not time- consuming process and can help up with the security of the website.

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