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About Remove Duplicate Lines

It doesn’t matter whether you are a writer, a blogger or a freelancer, there are times where you have encountered duplicate content. Bloggers and writers will be able to relate this a lot more than freelancers.

The search engine giant also hates duplicate content and encourages webmasters to avoid posting duplicate articles online or on any other website of yours. Those who aren’t original face the wrath of Google in the form of penalization and worse, manual action leading to complete wipe out of your site from the search results

Nobody likes and appreciates a duplicate content. Not even the writers write duplicate content intentionally but mistakes happen with every human being. This is where another tool from our arsenal comes to your rescue. We named it as Remove Duplicate Lines. It does exactly what it says, it removes duplicate lines within a paragraph or a text file. No rocket science involved. Period.

Features of Remove Duplicate Lines tool

Ability to target text based on case sensitivity: This tool offers the functionality by which you can target a particular text by its case, whether it be capital letters or small letters.

Instant removal of empty lines: If you have unnecessary spaces or empty lines in your paragraph or the article, then you can use this feature to remove them all in one go without wasting your precious time.

Display removed lines: If you would like to make sure that this tool doesn’t remove any important points from your article, then you can check the box which says “Display Removed” and it will show all the removed lines along with the number of line in a separate box below.

Flexible output types: You can directly save the edited paragraph or article with this functionality. Besides that, it offers UNIX as well as DOS compatibility and you can preset the format in which you want the end document to be. For example, it can be .txt, .doc and other valid text formats.

How to use Remove Duplicate Lines?

Using this tool is very simple, follow the steps below:

  • Paste your text or upload your text file which you want to be checked for duplicate lines in the tool by clicking on “Load a file” button.
  • Select the desired options below the text field according to your preference (case sensitive, empty lines removal, display of removed lines etc.)
  • Select the file type and give a memorable name to the file along with your desired format. Please check with the supported formats for text articles. It won’t work properly and may give errors if you select .xls or xlsx formats which are especially for excel tables.
  • Click on “Remove Duplicate Lines” button and allow the tool to perform its trick.
  • Once you are satisfied with the output, click on save as to download the edited file to your PC.

A special use for SEOs:

If you are into scraping expired domains, harvesting results from Google or domain hunting, then this tool will be highly valuable to you since you will be able to filter the duplicate URLs which are bound to be scraped since while scraping, we use different search engines. This will save you a lot of time and resources and you can focus on your work.

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