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Page speed can be termed as the measurement of how long a page takes to load its content. It is the time that it takes to load the content fully on the specified pages. It can be described as the page load time or as the first byte time. Page speed is the time taken by the browser in receiving the first-byte information from the web server. Page speed is very important for the better experience of the users. A page that takes longer page speed, adversely influences transformation. Page speed depends on the factors like website designing, server hardware and the connection of the data center. So, the more improved and higher quality website you build, the less time it will take to load and thus satisfy the users need. Though there are some reasons like user’s connection speed and their location, that can’t be controlled but others reason can be controlled and taken care of.

Page speed loading time?

As Page speed time refers to the time that a page takes to load its content, it is important for both Google and for the users. To be more elaborate;

1. Page speed is part of SEO

According to the announcement made by Google in 2010, it stated that it will engulf loading speed of a page in Google algorithm. Page speed is important for the SEO s around the world. SEO server makes the best use of the content that loads faster. Google prefer page speed for the better user’s experience. The quicker your website will load; the user will stick to the site for a faster experience. The better the users experience the more will be your website’s ranking. Search engines including Google prefer fast ranking webpage. If your page speed is slow enough it will get a reverse effect from the users and thus the ranking of the page gets affected.

2. High Page speed loading improve users experience

Page speed is important for enhancing the user’s experience. Users prefer to surf those sites that load fast. If your website takes too longer time, the user will go out of the site. Let’s say that your website’s content is of high quality, but it takes too much time in loading then users will not stick to your site. Having a quicker page loading speed means that the users can navigate the through the different pages of your websites thus increasing the number of page views of the single user. Through a faster page speed website a customer can create his account von your site and thus see the offers available.

Thus a page speed improves ranking in the search engine, makes the users stay on your page and generates more conversions.

How to improve Page Speed Time?

Each and every website is different according to the structure and the content of the page. But here I am providing with some tips that can improve your page speed;

  • File compression: Always use file compression to decrease the size of the file that is more than 150 bytes.
  • Optimize the code: Page speed can be increased by optimizing code like removing commas, unnecessary characters, and spaces.
  • Reduction of redirects: There should be a less number of redirects as its makes the users wait for the completion of HTTP request-response cycle.
  • Content distribution network: The content Distribution network is used to store your website’s copies at various, topographically differing data centers. This enables the users to experience a quicker and more dependable access to your website.
  • Server response time: This is largely affected by the traffic amount you get, usage of each page resources, the software of your server and your hosting server. 200ms should be the average server response time.
  • Images: Optimize images without making any sacrifice with the quality of the image used. Use of PNG, JPG or GIF images can result in reducing the image size according to your need.
  • Page speed test: Usage of page test can result in finding that script that results in the slowing of your website.
  • WordPress: While working with WordPress be sure that there are no Plugins installed that are unnecessary.

Page Speed Test

As stated earlier, page speed is very important for the proper ranking of the webpage and also for optimal user’s experience. Page Speed test are the test performed to know the speed of a website. It is better of test the website page and to know those scripts that result in slow running of your webpage. You can make the necessary changes needed to those scripts that run slow. To know the page speed is essential for smooth running of your website. You must be curious to know that from where to perform page speed test. Allow me to tell you that there are a hundred of sites that come with a page speed test page. You just need to enter the URL of your site. The test takes a couple of seconds to perform the test and gives your required result. Our site comes with a page speed test too, that are easier to load and get the desired result.

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