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About Word Counter

To achieve a first graded result in the SEO is by receiving quality Backlinks. The best method to get this backlinks is by submitting articles in high PR positioning article directory sites. Some of these sites pay a great attention to the word and character count. They have a limit on word consist in the article. Words counter is a tool used to counts the word and character. Word counts are done to count the word number or passage in a text document. To make the word count in the certain limit, a word count is needed. For example, in legal documents, there is limit while preparing it. Here word count is needed. Word count helps in finishing the document within a certain word limit so that it does not look clumsy. As such in the case of journalism, a word count is required for providing the article in a specific space. Some of the other cases may be in academia, article writing or in advertising. The translator uses word count for determining the price in translation jobs. Word count is preferred for calculating the readability. It is also used to measure a reading and typing speed. In all these above examples a 6 -7 characters are usually preferred. Word count focus on which word to count or which word not to count. Word software is designed specifically to count the number of words. Though the result of different software in word processing varies, depending on the rule of the software. Word dividers are generally the space provided between the words; white space characters; tab character or em space. Hyphen and slash are also included in the series. It is needed in some programs to count the endnotes, hidden text or the footnotes. The behavior of the programs is mostly the same. In previous days, word counting was mainly done with other standard rules. Now the standard rule for word count is that of word count, which is faster; cost less and of course effortless.

Why Webmaster needs word counter?

Word count represents the word contains a passage or a document of the given text. There are certain articles where it is needed to maintain a word count. Each and every document has a different word count. Some WebPages need a certain word count. While developing a website, each of the pages that may be about us, contact us, terms and conditions need a different count of a word. Suppose if you insert too many texts in contact we page then the page will look clumsy, which a webmaster will never want. Whereas in the same way, a terms and conditions page contains much more text than an about us page. So the word count for different pages varies. This system is also used by the translators for determining the pricing for translation work. Word count can be concluded as the degree of readability. The page that looks good is usually preferred by the readers. Lengthy and boring texts are not preferred by the readers. While writing articles it is very important to know the word count. This is for two reasons. Firstly, for a better readability and secondly, for price determination. Word counter helps in determining the word count. There are a minimum and maximum limit of word prescribed for each article. When the article meets the requirement, the word counter makes the writer aware of the fact. Word counter also helps in determining the reading and typing speed. To find out your typing speed it is needed to set a timer and then start typing. The timer will automatically stop at the finish of the time. You can come to know about the word you typed in that time. To maintain the quality of writing it is important to have a word limit.

Words Counter Tool

At first word count was done by manually counting each word. Later with the invention of the word counter tool, the work became easier. The webmasters had made it possible to get a variety of online word counter tool. By searching in the search engine you can avail a number of such tools. Generally, space is provided in the tools where you have to enter the text whose word you want to count. Some come with a short description about the word counter. These tools provide a report about word and counter count; keyword density; its readability with other statistics related to the text provided in the space. Are you a writer? If you are a writer then you can use these tools to make your content within a word limit. You can make the correction with the excess word in your text. Journalist, legal document makers, writers, translator, and authors use this word counter. Webmaster uses this tool so that their WebPages look good and can attract a number of visitors.

Here is a word counter that can help you in counting your text document. You need to enter the text in the space provided and press ‘count words’. This site gives you the result in a fraction of a second you can find the word limit of your text.

Our Word Counter Tool Preview & Features

Unlike other free online word counter tool that you can find in everywhere, our tool has some features that very useful which you can found it on the image:

Free Online Word Counter Tool Preview


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