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About Password Generator

A lot of computers and user accounts in the World are being hacked daily and you will be surprised to know that majority of the hack attacks could be avoided only by choosing a secure password.

I am not surprised when I see some big games in social media getting hacked and the password leaked are mostly six to seven character passwords which are mostly dictionary words and names of the owner’s family members or dogs. I feel pity for the guys who keep such passwords and come crying later that their accounts and personal information has been hacked and distributed online.

If you haven’t yet heard about password hack attacks, then let me tell you about the most common attack which is known as the brute force attack.

What is Brute Force attack?

A brute force attack is involved using a software or a script which keeps on trying passcodes which are mostly dictionary words and simple names without any symbols or complex characters. According to recent statistics, it takes just 10 minutes for the hacker to brute force into a server if the password is 6 to 7 characters with no symbols and capital letters. Now, by adding just a few capital letters and a symbol, the time required to crack that password via brute force jumps to a whopping 3 years.

I hope you got the thing which I am trying to say to you guys. Notice how the extra characters as well as symbols protect us from the most common type of password hacking? If you are worried that someone will try to crack your password for three years, then you can rest easy because no sane man is going to do that unless you are a CIA agent or The President having confidential information which will be worth billions to the right buyer.

Now that I told you a lot about having a secure password. Let me introduce you guys to an important tool which will make your job of choosing a secure password a breeze. We call it the “Password Generator” tool. Let’s see how easily this tool can generate a complex password for you.

How to use the Password Generator tool?

Using this Password Generator tool is very easy, you only need to select the complexity of the password as well as the number of characters which you would like to use. I would suggest you go with a moderate or tough password with at least 10 characters. I personally use a 13 character password which contains dispersed alphabets and symbols and I suggest you guys use something like that.

Tricks to remember your complex password:

Now this is a genuine reason why people will choose a simple password. They think that they can never remember a complex password, so they choose their birth date or the name of their pets or worse, they write down the password. Let me warn you that writing down a password negates the use of a password in the first place since anyone you know can see and access your password.

You can remember the password by frequently using it or else you can choose a password from a random sentence. Let me show you how: If your random sentence is: Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry.

Then your password can be: LIisdt0tpt!

See how easy it is to create a complex password? I have replaced “I” with exclamation at the end and “o” with the number 0, you can do any similar variation and get a secure password for yourself.

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