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About Code Compare Tool

Codes compare is a free tool that you can use online. It has been designed to merge and compare different files and folders that are located in all different places. Now we will discuss about its integration to make you understand how it works and what does it take to compare and merge the far located files and folders. Code compare integrates with all the popular source control system: TFS, SVN, Git, Mercurial and Perforce. This code compare is shipped both as a standalone file diff tool and a visual studio extension. Code compare pro is another edition of the tool. This is a modified version of the previous one. Code compare pro edition of the tool is specially adapted for comparing source code files. It identifies and locates changes in the respective codes with regard to its structure. Code compare features three way file merge tool that allows resolving version control merge conflicts.

Text comparison and merging

  • It provides you with detailed highlights of changes within lines.
  • It gives back colored blocks for inserted, deleted and modified texts and words separately.
  • Collapsing of unchanged regions of text (it is a code compare pro feature).
  • Point and click merging with a mouse.
  • They help in editing files on the fly.
  • Merging shortcuts for more advanced user.

Comparing Files:

  • Comparison implement in code comparison is primarily based on the assumption that the left pane of the document area is holding a pre version or earlier version and the right one holds a later and modified version of the file.
  • If there is a case of three way comparison the third and the final one is considered to be the output or the result. When the three ways comparison takes place in regular way, the left pane is compared to the middle one and then the middle one is compared to the right pane to finally produce the output.
  • The file comparison window has two open files in the two aforementioned panes. The editor allows you to change any of the two panes. You will not need third party software to compare and merge versions.

Comparing lines content using code compare tool

Any normal comparison tool uses algorithm based on search for strictly equal strings. For this such tools cannot determine similarity between two lines if there is a little change in the both lines. Where code compare tool detects the closely similar lines that to provide better comparison result.

Merging content using the code compare tool

Code compare also allows you to merge the content of the two file with a single click. In case of three ways merge you can accept all changes by clicking the Accept Merge button.

Structural source code comparison

Structural code comparison is an approach that allows you to compare sources. They compare the codes through their signature and not by their location only. The tool changes the codes into basic structural units and then after comparing the similar lines, it moves to find the deleted or moved blocks of codes. Structural code comparison has the feature to detect the moved block and difference explorer. These features allow viewing difference in class structure and navigating through all of them.

  • It will give you syntax highlighting for programming languages.
  • Methods are matched in compared source code file.
  • Similar lines of codes are identified after refactoring as well.
  • The moved blocks of codes are detected
  • It displays changes in the structure of codes.
  • It allows collapsing and expanding regions of codes.
The languages that allows Structural comparison:

The structural comparison is supported by the following languages:

  • C#
  • C++
  • Visual basic
  • Java Script
  • Java
  • XML
Visual Studio Integration:
  • The Native Visual studio extension allows us to integrate smoothly.
  • Visual studio 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2017 supported.
  • Choose to use standalone as well as integrated code to compare on the fly
  • Atmel studio 6.0 and 6.1 supported.

Code review support

  • Adds code review comment when the tool compares source revision
  • To see added review comments
  • Highlight the code region with viewed comment
  • Team work is more beneficial than solo developer

Three way comparison:

  • Three comparison panes
  • Integrates with version control system
  • Merging portions are highlighted
  • Non conflicting changes are merged on its own

So here is a free tool to check the files’ originality and lots of other features.

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