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About Long Tail Keywords

Long tailed keywords are three or four keyword phrases that specifically describes your product or service that you are trying to sell. Sometimes we see that people are writing very long and detailed descriptions of what they are searching for. So, they are very specific about what they want to buy or find. These kind of detailed searches are feasibly going to take a turn to buying products, and not like the generic searches that people do for research purposes that buyers usually do before buying anything. In professional terms, these kinds of keywords are known to be long tailed keywords.

Long tailed Keywords-an effective way to pull traffic

These highly specific long tailed keywords tend to be much easier to rank well in the search engine optimization than the short one or two word phrases that are usually used as keywords. To explain the way that the keywords are working, let us take a piece of content that tells about a ‘luxury hotel room in Rio’. You will take the most common keyword for this- “hotel”. Obviously, this is the most common need for anyone who is travelling outside. But wait; can you target your potent customer with word? Obviously you cannot. With the keyword ‘hotel’ you are going to receive a huge amount of competitors in all other search engines. You may not set them aside and establish your site anyway unless you spend a lot of time and huge amount of money. Moreover, the person who is searching for the word ‘hotel’ may be searching for getting the general idea of the hotel room rents and he is not probably looking for a luxury suit. That is why professionals tend to use more specific keywords like –‘luxury hotel room in Rio’, ‘Rio luxury suit’, ‘Hotel rooms booking in Rio’ etc. that will get you in the smaller list of websites and you will be visible on the search engine lists much easily.

These long tailed keywords easily get a high rank and the people searching with the long tailed keywords are more likely to become buyers. The phrase “long tailed” is used as a visual metaphor to compare it to the shape of a distribution graph. The single word searches always result in a really long list of sites, where you will never be able to find yourself especially if you are a small business or a start up. But actually, according to a research it has been calculated that this one word searches occupy only 10 to 15 percent of all searches (really hard to believe!). Another 15 to 20 percent is occupied by the mid length searches. And surprisingly the major part of the graph is occupied by the long tailed search –nearly about 70 percent of the entire search amount!

Finding qualified searches with long tailed keyword is much easier

The single word search can lead to a long result and a very fierce competition for specifically the newbie. The visits can be scattershot and ROI can be low. By smartly using the long tailed phrases as a keyword you can appear within a selective result and pull more traffic to your site that will effectively cause you much higher return comparing to your investment. You will attract exactly the audience you were looking for and they will find the right thing as well.

The long tailed keywords are not only valuable for businesses to rank high ion the organic search in Google, but also the paid search marketing campaign’s charge on the long tailed keywords are less than other as the competition is lesser. When you bid on the long tailed keyword the Cost per Click is lower. When you target a long and more specific keyword in your AdWords campaign you can get higher ad ranking on relevant searches. And you do not need to pay a premium charge for every click.

Long Tail keywords is Important

Every blogger should also focus on long tailed keywords. In our view there are two very specific reasons why a blogger should befriend long tailed keywords.

  • These kinds of keywords easily rank high on search results. The longer the search term is the higher the ranking would be. As you focus on the long tailed keywords then you will be able to get a great deal of traffic together.
  • The potent visitors will also find you right there. It is a very professional SEO tactic.

So, now when you have known all the benefits of long tailed keywords, then start writing you blogs and content with them.

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