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JS Minifier

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About JS Minifier

All the web developers would be using JavaScript in their code base. It is the same language that brings interactivity to the web pages and makes them interesting. However, just like any other language you need to know how to make your code efficient and run fast. One simple thing that you can do to improve your code performance is to compress it. Previously, we didn't have many resources that could help us compress these files.

What is JS Minifier and Compressor?

The JS compressor is a tool that helps you compress and minify all your JS files. Unlike many other tools, the process is extremely simple and you can get your files compressed within seconds. You can use it for the same process the next time you are writing code for any website.

How to use JS compressor?

The simplicity of using the tool is what makes it so better than the other ones. There are two different options on how you can use the tool. The first way is the normal copy and paste option through which you can copy your JS code into the input field, guess the captcha and press the ‘Submit’ button. Your code will be compressed in no time. The other way is to upload your JS files directly on to the site and complete the captcha. You will have the compressed files in return which you can be downloaded locally.

Why use JS compressor and minifier?

There are endless benefits of having compressed files on your server. We all like web pages that load fast and one of the easiest things we can do to make our pages load faster is compress our code. Also, the server request time is significantly lower since the file size is less. Along with that, the bandwidth used up is less because the size of JavaScript resources are less and everytime a user loads the page, the size of the data that travels is lower.

Tips on making your JavaScript Files Efficient

Writing good code is important but making it efficient is even more important, if you want to optimize your site for the best performance, you need to compress your JS files for sure, below are some practical things that you can do to enhance your code:

  • Minify Js files.
  • There are different ways you can choose to implement JS code on your site, make sure to approach it the right way.
  • If possible, concatenate different JavaScript files together so that they load faster.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the different tips to make the JavaScript files better and a nice way to compress them easily, you can use the JS compressor tool whenever you want. You will immediately notice the change in load times or you can also use a tool to measure the time taken to load these files.

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