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If our one finger can do the job then what is the need of the rest 9 fingers to work? Thinking what I am talking about? Okay, I am talking about mobile phones. Though initially mobile was invented to communicate only but with the advancement of technology now a day we can do talking to shopping on a handheld device. How many of you prefer to use mobiles over the computer? We all… The reason behind this is that with the advent of technology, mobile has given the facility to do a vast range of work. Mobile phones have become a medium for checking emails, social media interaction, internet browsing, downloading, listening to music, capturing an image and much more. We like to check our emails or any other information while waiting in a queue or in a leisure time.

Let me provide you with an example. Suppose you have any important work or document to send via email and you are outside on a road, what will you do? Sit down in the middle of the road and open up your computer and do your work. No, guys, we are residing in the 21st century, this method will not work. Here the software guys had blessed us with handheld devices namely mobile, Smartphone, iPad, and tablets. These machines have gained immense popularity for supporting the access of internet. No matter where you are, you can work on your device anytime and anywhere. Though a few years back it was not possible for us to access the internet over the phone. But now mobile companies have made it possible to access the internet over your phone. So, whoever whenever wants to use the internet can access it over his/ her phone or tablets.

Why Mobile Friendly Site so important for SEO

Wondering what I am going to talk now? Okay… In this paragraph, I would like to tell about a few benefits of mobile friendly websites to SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

There will be hardly anyone who doesn’t know the name of Google. It is the most used site and has proved to the most important search engine. Each and every company whoever builds a website always wants to grab the attention of Google. And what does Google loves? It prefers a mobile friendly website that can target mobile users and also prefers a mobile optimized site while showing the search result on a mobile device. This turns to be true in cases when mobile phone users search for the local services. The SEO thinks that a single responsive site is the best route to take.

The responsive site uses only one URL that makes the work of Google easier. Secondly, I would like to talk about the bounce rate. If a website is doing well in the search result but it is not mobile friendly then the bounce rate can create a big problem. Google counts this high bounce rate as an indication of dissatisfaction of the user with the content. This could cause a drop in ranking of the website. A mobile friendly website deals with this problem in a more functional way thus keeping the content same as in a desktop website. They ensure that users receive the required information. Thirdly website has become an essential mode of transferring content. So it’s necessary that a website can be viewed the same on a handheld the device as it is seen on a desktop. Google encourages designer to build such mobile friendly websites that can be viewed easily on a mobile. And on the other side, responsive designs are made keeping in mind the need of the users.

Is My Website already Mobile Friendly?

Now how can you see that whether a website is mobile friendly or not? For this, many companies have created many web pages that allow you to check whether your website is mobile-friendly or not. No, this WebPages does not charge a penny rather it can be accessed freely and are very flexible. The only thing you have to do is enter your URL in the given link and click on the test button. The analysis will test and will give you the result showing Response code, page content size, the number of hosts, resources, static resources, JavaScript Resources and CSS Resources. Some websites also give a usability score. Yes, there are various mobile friendly website tests available in the market. But I am here to talk about a test web page that is the best in my regard. It’s Us where you can easily find a website mobile-friendly test page. You have to enter a domain name and then click on the submit button. It just takes few seconds to test the whole web page giving information like status and the websites mobile friendly score. Its special feature is that it will provide a mobile screenshot view of your whole web page. These testing sites also give you the advantage to try new search instantly. This tool works very fast and gives you the hundred percent results about the web page.

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