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About Network Speed Tester

It’s been more than 27 years since the infancy of the World Wide Web, popular known as WWW or simply the internet. Back then, browsing the internet was considered a great thing and almost all the websites were static sites which were written only in HTML. At that time, there wasn’t much consideration for the speed of our internet because HTML sites load in a snap because they lacked the heavy CSS coding, flash and JavaScript files which are the core of any website in today’s era.

Keeping that in mind, if your internet speed isn’t at par with this era of advanced websites, then you are going to have a hard time browsing them and getting your work done on time. Slow internet is also a bane for you to experience the full potential internet has to offer you.

Now that I have intrigued you about the importance of having a good internet connection which offers you a decent speed capable of browsing modern websites, let me familiarize you about a tool which will help you measure the internet speed of yours and you can bash your service provider if you have been receiving less speeds that what you have subscribed for. The tool is Internet Speed Test and here is how you can use it.

How to use Internet Speed Test tool:

Using Internet Speed Test tool is dead simple. Follow the steps below:

  • Just click on “Start Test” button below and you need to wait for a few seconds for the tool to compile the download as well as the upload speed of your ISP package.

Difference between Internet Speed and Download Speed:

The connection speed, or the internet speed which is usually advertised by your internet service provider (ISP) are measured in megabits per second (Mbps) and the download speed (or the transfer rate) which you get when you are downloading a file, a movie or any game online is measured in megabytes per second (MBps).

You need to know that 1 megabyte = 8 megabits. So if you have bought an internet connection which have advertised the speeds of 10 Mbps, then you should get the transfer or download speeds anywhere in between 1.1 to 1.25 MBps if your internet service is working as expected.

Tips to troubleshoot your internet speed:

If this Internet Speed Test tool says that you have been getting speeds less than the current package which you have subscribed for, then please try to login to your portal page or settings page which you can see your internet usage since most of the Internet Service Providers keep a cap on speed when the download usage crosses over a particular limit. This is done to ensure all users get good speeds and nobody abuses the internet by downloading loads of data.

Now that you got to know about the tool with which you can test your internet speed and the differences between internet and download speed, go ahead and test your internet speed so that it matches or gets close to what you are paying for. Keep in mind about the differences of speeds mentioned above and compare before yelling at your internet service provider for low speeds

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