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About HTML Compressor

If you are a coder then you know how hectic and long any coding can be. This has many problems. You have problems detecting errors. if any it takes more time to run, the device gets heated up while executing the code and much more. But coding is also very important and there are no shortcuts in it so if we cannot cut it then why not compress it? Here is where HTML Compressor / HTML Minifier come in handy.

What is HTML Compressor & HTML Minifier Tool?

HTML Compressor / HTML Minifier reduce the size of your HTML code, javascript and CSS files. It is the only service capable of compressing JavaScript code mixed with PHP and other languages. It optimizes WordPress, Joomla, Drupal themes or any PHP based templates easily and can easily generate pre-optimized CMS output.

How to use HTML Compressor & HTML Minifier Tool?

To compress any code or file just simply drag it on your screen to the dialog box provided on the internet. Then there are options given to suit your work. Choose and then simply compress. There are inline documented options available. It also has detailed error reporting and warning messages to let you know of any mistakes you may have overlooked before compression. You do not have to worry about security as you can access online tool via SSL encrypted connection. This hashes the encrypted file and locked to your IP address to prevent any casual download and is automatically deleted every hour.

Why use HTML Compressor & HTML Minifier Tool?

The best feature of this online tool is that it is versatile. Be it HTML code or JavaScript code or CSS or even JavaScript mixed with PHP and other languages it will compress it., also there are added inline documentation options, security to your code and error detection and warning messages. You can also convert your compressed codes into JavaScript and PHP variables.

Tips on making your HTML files better

You are a coder so you obviously know coding. But everyone likes a few tips. You may know them beforehand or you may not but that is why we learn as learning is a never ending process. There is always something to learn. So here are few cool things about the HTML5 :

  • It has the best DOCTYPE
  • Indentation emphasizes on hierarchy and shows parent/child relationship
  • Charset is declared as the first thing in the head
  • Separator is used and it ends with the title of the site
  • Only one single style sheet of CSS is used and served to good browser
  • Jquery ( javascript library) served from Google
  • ID is applied to the body to allow unique page styling

So start coding on HTML5 for new enhanced features.

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