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About XML Sitemap Generator

XML Sitemaps - Which part of a book first gets your sight quickly in the wake of opening it? It's substance or the ordering. This part of the book enlightens us numerous things regarding the book or the substance of the book. You can move to the predefined page you need to peruse by observing the substance page. Thus, you may ask me that are we going to discuss ordering. Yes, that is valid… But partially. We are going to speak about indexing of the web page of your website. We use the term Sitemap that is the list of pages available on the web page that are meant for the facility of the users. It acts as a planning tool for the web design. This is XML file that contains your website’s URLs. It is a chronicle of each and every web page of your respective website.

This file should be stored in a manner that it is easily available for the users to view. Sitemaps are generally used for letting the searchers find out all your individual WebPages so that it won’t miss out on anything. As a designer, you must have a will that search engine can view all your created pages. The more pages search engine indexes from your site, the more trust you gain. Trust gaining means that your website has more information to show. A sitemap enables the spiders to creep in your website and get all the information that they need. A sitemap is only to facilitate the search engine crawlers.

Though sitemap is not efficient over on-page SEO but it definitely proved to be useful for your site. There are 2 versions of a site map; XML sitemap and HTML sitemap. Talking about XML sitemap is the structure format that tells the search engine about the pages, their importance, and their updating. There is no need for users to view this page. Whereas sitemaps are designed for the users that help them to find the content of the page. HTML sitemap need not be included on each page. HTML sitemaps help the visitors and the search engine to find pages on your website. As HTML sitemap is not a supported sitemap format so it wouldn’t be possible to submit on the Google Webmaster tools.

What is a Sitemap Generator?

As told earlier sitemaps are used as indexes given to the WebPages of your specific website. Search engine crawlers crawl through this pages but it is not always guaranteed that each and every pages are identified and index by the search engine. To solve this problem Google in 2005 introduced sitemap generator in the web market. Though sitemaps can be created manually but it is a time-consuming process and also needs a lot of hard work. To avoid this fact Google introduced sitemap generator that makes the works easier. Sitemap generator allows the users to create the sitemap automatically. Besides this facility sitemap generator also validate, submit and update the created sitemap. These tools have gained immense popularity in the past few years. A sitemap generator can create a site map in a couple of seconds. If you are worried about the accuracy of the work then let me guarantee you the sitemap generated is 100% accurate. Though the introducer of sitemap generator is Google but now many other search engine uses sitemap generator tool.

Mainly there are two types of sitemap generator – free sitemap generator and premium sitemap generator. All the sitemap Plugins fall under these two categories. By the term free sitemap generator, it is clear that you are getting the work done absolutely free whereas in a premium sitemap generator you have to pay an amount. It is the wish if every designer to rank his site in the SERPs. Sitemap generator is a sure sort process that takes you one place closer to it. But choosing the right sitemap generator that can help you should be your real goal. A little bit of study can help you out with this. Choosing the right sitemap generator based on your requirements. Sitemap generator is an effortless process that can make your work more easy and acceptable. A sitemap generator works very efficiently. You only need to enter the URL of your respective site. In a second the work is done that gives you the sitemap and also tells you where to paste the same. Suppose if it finds three URLs then it will differentiate the entire URL and tell you where to paste which URL.

What is a sitemap?

A sitemap is termed as indexing the pages in your website. I hope that when you are creating a website you wish that each and every page get listed. The sitemap provides you with a list of pages of your respective website that can be easily accessible to the search engine spiders or users. It can be viewed in a document format that can be used as a planning tool for the website or a webpage that contains the list of the pages of your website. This can be organized in hierarchical fashion. A good sitemap will help to bring your website one step forward by indexing it.

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