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About PageRank Checker

In what basis you can describe the importance of a web page? What I trying to say is that how could you tell that whether a page will be valuable to you? Suppose you are searching about required information on Google, many links comes up, how can you tell that which link has the necessary information? No idea… Okay, allow me to help you with a little bit of information.

What is Google Pagerank?

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Have you ever heard the name of Pagerank? Or came across the term Google Pagerank? Counting that you are unaware of the term, here I am briefing about the term Page rank or Google Pagerank. To be very precise, Pagerank or popularly known as Google Pagerank is defined as the number assigned to the website according to its importance. It can term as an algorithm that is commonly used by Google search engine for the purposes of ranking a website in their result. Google assign a number to each website and web page that is in its indexing. They measure on a scale of 0 to 10. This scaling indicates the importance of the site based on the algorithm calculation.

How do these Pagerank work? The Google Pagerank works on the account of quality and the number of links that the page has. This gives a rough estimate about the importance of the page. The assumption behind this is that the more a website is important the more importance it gains. If you are wondering, that how to increase the page rank by any unfair means, and then just holds on for a second. The days when website makers used to high rank their page by means of increasing the quantity of the links are gone. Today’s Google algorithm determine on the quality of the links. So, guys forget about any false means. To be more appropriate the higher will be the Pagerank of yours website, the better will be its ranking in search results compared to other similar sites.

A short history about Google Pagerank

From when did these Pagerank start? Many companies invented many algorithms for this ranking. In 1996, Sergey Brin and Larry Page developed this algorithm at the famous Stanford University. In 1998, the first paper was submitted; a few days after the two researchers founded the company named Google Inc., a company that is behind the famous Google Search result. The name Pagerank was given after the name of Larry Page who was one of the founders of the Google. From then onwards Google is using this algorithm to rank websites and its till continued till dates. Though there are certain changes made to the algorithm to avoid any bad practices but still it is one of the best in use.

How a Google Pagerank works?

The result is shown how important they are meant for the outside world. The mathematics equation is very complex and also kept secret from the world. If you are curious about the basic content of the page then let me tell you that the page holds information like page authority, Backlinks, traffic, exit links, content richness, search demand and keyword density. The outside world of Google does not know about exact formula of the algorithm that is used to rank the pages. So, the main facts between each of the calculation are the ranking of the page. The higher is your Pagerank, the more there is chances of it to be seen in the Google. As we all know that Google is the most trusted search engine and its page ranking is also much validated. Updating in this PageRank is done once in three to four months. It’s not like that if you are once in the top of the list you will remain on the top. The list gets updated and thus there are many useful works that should be done to maintain the pages rank.

What is Google Pagerank Checker?

So, you must be curious to know how you can find your ranking on the web page. It’s not that hard to find your ranking. Many web pages comes with a Google Pagerank checker. What is a Google Pagerank checker? It is a general tool that tells you about your current page ranking. It tells you whether the page is valid or not and also notifies about the quality of the PageRank. This quality analysis is done on the basis of the Backlinks structure. You can find several such Google Pagerank checker links on the search engine. Thinking that how the checker works? It’s very simple. You just have to enter your respective web page URL and get the desired result.

Though there are various Google Pagerank checkers available in the market but I do like to suggest you to try our Google PageRank Checker. You can enter your URL and click on the ‘Get Page Rank’. It will just take few seconds to complete the test and tells you about your ranking in the PageRank. This Checker will provide you option to check another URL instantly. All you need is just to give it a try.

We all know the importance of SEO and the main result of our efforts in optimization is known through the rank the search engine gives us. However, checking PageRank was full of hassles and could not be done by a simple tool. With this Google PageRank checker, you can now compare and check the PageRank of around 100 sites at once. This is simply astonishing and great for those who want to do multiple searches.

How to Pagerank Checker?

Just like most of the Small SEO tool, using the Google PageRank checker is quite simple as well. You just need to enter the URLs of the site you want to check the PageRank for, in the input given there. If you want to check the ranks of pages for multiple sites, you can do that by adding different sites on different lines. For verification, you would need to enter a mandatory captcha code and then press the 'Get PageRank' button. PageRank for all the links that you had entered will be shown in a proper organized manner. You will see a list of the sites with respected ranks in a separate column.

Why to use Pagerank Checker?

The main purpose of doing Search Engine Optimization is to rank high on Google. But to check the PageRank you would need to see how high it ranks and this is what the tool helps you to do. It is also quite simple to use and can be used by anyone who wishes to check their pages’ rank on Google. After you find it, you can try and make efforts to increase it so that you get higher rankings on search engines.

Tips on increasing your Google PageRank

There are many ways through which you can optimize your site’s Pagerank. You can follow some of the tips below:

  • Use the keywords naturally throughout your page or site so that your targeted keywords get used.
  • Don't try to use hidden keywords which are not visible on the page and are not relevant. You may get penalized by Google and this would affect your site’s Pagerank significantly.
  • Try to build links from trusted sources as this can improve the Pagerank in a great way. The better the source, the higher you rank.

Now when you need to check the PageRank of your site according to Google, you can use this tool to know the exact rank.

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