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While reading a book, the last page is always been helpful. It’s the index page that helps in finding a particular topic on the page. Often it is also seen in library that an index book exists that tells the location of a particular book and also says whether that book is available or not. Indexing is used in many places in our daily to daily life but you must be thinking why I am telling about indexing in our daily life. Today our topic is on indexing but not common daily indexing but Google indexing.

Whether your webpage will rank in the first page or not depends on two factors - crawling and indexing. Crawling can be defined as the process by which web spiders crawl through the website in order to find what it contains. It follows all the links present inside the website and crawl those pages too. Once crawling of the websites gets completed the next step putting the results on the Google index. Thus, indexing can be defined as the process by which Google gather all the information that are collected by crawling a website. It adds all those pages in the searchable index of Google. So, whenever we search in the Google search engine, the result thus displayed is taken from Google index. If the content of the page is worthy then it is indexed high in the search engine. Thus quality content is very essential for the ranking of the page high in the search engine. While indexing of the webpage, a detailed analysis of the title tags, ATL tags and Meta tags is also done. Indexing does largely depend on the Meta tags that are being used. A index tag allows the crawler to crawl through every page of the website whereas NO- index tag does not allow the page to be indexed in the Google searchable index. Allowing indexing only the website’s vital parts can help in higher ranking of the webpage in the search engine. Indexing helps in driving the organic traffic for your website. A website that is not been indexed means that it has no place in the Google index and thus cannot be seen in the search engine result page.

How to Google index your website?

If you are not in a hurry to view your webpage in the search result, then you have no task to do and wait lifelong to see your webpage being viewed in the search engine. For those who are in a hurry to view their webpage in the search engine or more specially to see in the first page of the search engine, here we have some tips that can help you out;

Creating Sitemap

In order to help the spiders to crawl through the page quickly and smoothly such that no page is missed, a sitemap is created that contains all the information about the website. It tells the crawler about the size of the page, its important pages and about the new content. The crawler does look for this sitemap as soon as it enters in your website.

Creating Robots.txt

There are certain pages that you may not to be crawled, in certain cases you need to make use of the Robots.txt that tells which pages the webmasters do not want to index.

Site submission

This step is not a must to be done, but if you want to index your site faster then can use it. Webmaster generally does this in order to index their site in a faster way by submitting their site in the search engine.

Creating links

Links plays a more important role in indexing of the website. Web spiders, for crawling, follow this links and thus crawl the linked pages. Links confirms that there are no pages left to be crawled by the spiders. Again you need to earn links from outside as that can result in better indexing of the page in the search engine.

Creating blogs and social media

Blogs and social media are great platform from where the website can be indexed. One needs to post juicy content in order to better identification of the page in the Google index.

Crawling errors

It may happen certain times that the search engine face problem to crawl through the website, so you do need to check if any errors are occurred that is stopping search engine to crawl through the website.

What is a Google Index Checker?

This checker helps in checking the Google index for a website. It shows that how many pages of that specific website are being indexed by Google. This process gives a faster result as you can know whether all the pages of your website are being properly indexed or not. Google index checker thus helps the webmasters in knowing that the important pages of the website are indexed or not.

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