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Today we can’t think of living without the internet. We use the WebPages for various types of works. Starting from solving the queries or making online payments, we do now largely depend on the computer internet. Have you ever thought how this computer WebPages work does? Maybe never, as we all know that specially trained persons known as the programmer are behind making those beautiful and secure WebPages. What is the work of a programmer? Generally, for a commoner, they build webpage or websites but the question is how? Did they put images and text together to build a web page? The answer is a no. Building a web page is not that easy, it requires a number of works to be done but among that the most vital task is creating the source code which is referred to as the most essential and vital component of a program in the computer done by the programmer.

What is a source code?

It can be defined as the grouping of the computer instructions together so as to make a website. This computer instruction contains comments written by the computer programmer and that are easily readable by the humans. Generally, theses are written in ordinary programming languages so that the programmers can write and read it easily for after modifications. Source codes are saved in the form of the text file. It contains all the code that instructs the computer to perform an action on the web page. Source codes are written by the computer programmers. These source codes are transformed into the binary code by the compiler or assembler. The source can be viewed by all and in certain cases, a nonsoftware professional can also view it and change the code that can be harmful to the website as any change in the coding can result in the coding can result in losing some data or even can harm the functionality of the web page. So to avoid this type of problems generally executable files are been included as anyone making any change in the source code will not harm the function or working of the web page, only the authorized programmer with the password can work on the source code.

What is the purpose of source code?

Source codes are mainly the codes that are used to have an executable program. It is generally used by peoples as a medium for communicating algorithms. Source code acts as an important part to learn programming languages. Actually, programmers, who want to learn the programming technique of a specific web page they do view the source code. As this code is written in simpler programming language, each computer programmer can view the programming techniques. Now a day’s sharing up of the source code is also very common between developers for contributing to the programming maturation skills. The source code is also necessary in cases where software is being ported to other platforms of the computer. Software reusability is a concept that is widely used by the computer programmers where a part of the software source code is being installed in another project for use. This is mainly, done in cases where two software is going to have an or two similar functions.

How to view the source code?

Suppose you are working on a web page and want to see the source code for that web page. What can you do? Viewing of source code is very easy. HTML source code can be viewed from any web browsers. To see the HTML code you need to follow these simple steps;

  • At first, it is needed to open the web browser, say Internet Explorer or Firefox.
  • Secondly needed to open the webpage whose source code you want to view. You need to type the URL of the webpage in the URL space provided.
  • For different web pages, the viewing of the source code can be different, as in Internet Explorer you need to go for the view and then click on the source code option whereas in the case of the Firefox you need to click on the View in the menu bar then click on the source code. Again in chrome, you can view the source code by right-clicking on the page and then click on the view source option.
  • A new tap opens that contains the HTML source code of the current web page you are viewing.

If you find it difficult to perform, then you can definitely search for the web page that can give you the source code for a website or a web page. You need to choose one of such sites in the search engine and going into the link you need to put the URL of the web page in the space provided. Once you click on the submit button, the page will result in displaying the source code of the current web page. This is less time consuming and can give an accurate result.

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