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What is Classified Ads Sites?

Any businessman would like to advertise his or her business for free on a large scale. You can post classified ads on newspapers as well as magazines, but the scope there is limited and you have to pay for placing the ad there. Posting classified ads on internet is a marvelous idea for people who want to post ads on a larger scale to a large group of audience. With these online posts you can get unlimited viewers for free and your product or service will get a huge showcase for display.

How Does Classified Ads Sites Work?

It is very simple to understand that how the classified ads sites work. A businessman puts his ad online in the middle of similar kinds of advertisements. A buyer who wishes to buy the products search through the ad lists and find one suitable ads.

1. Ad sales/email marketing/Google adsense:

If your web site attracts a lot of traffic then you can easily earn through display advertisements and Google Adsense.

2. Charging sellers:

If your site can guarantee a certain response rate for sellers, then you can charge each seller a certain amount for every listing they are posting. The sellers who usually sell in bulk are generally liable to pay a certain amount of money depending on their larger posting volumes.

3. Lead generation for third parties:

If your web site deals with products with high prices then you can display financing offers promoted by banks (in case of real estate, vehicles etc.).The classified sites then can charge these banks and for every verified lead they pass on to them. This is how they earn money.

4. Promoted listings:

You can demand payment from the sellers for endorsed positioning of their listings on key landing pages and search results.

Free Classified Ads Sites List

Does Post Ads in Classified Site is effective?

We all know that web traffic is the main capital of any web site. Without web traffic or viewers the web site becomes lame. Therefore, to generate web traffic webmasters do many things that include: Search Engine Optimization, paid advertisements, social media promotion and many more. The best method to generate traffic is search engine optimization. But that needs time, skill, careful planning and investment. On the other hand we have a much easier option that will give you results in less time. The much quicker and cost effective method for generating web traffic is classified ads sites. And for many webmasters this is the best way to get traffic straight to your site.

Therefore, classified business is growing as most profitable online business today. Most common internet users are familiar with the term classified ads thanks to the sites: OLX, Quickr etc. so, a huge number of people are using these sites to buy and sell products. But the entire process is not so easy. We are here giving you three ways to promote Classified Sites easily and effectively:

  • Hire some advertisers: To get quality content hire some advertisers who will submit suitable ads on your site.
  • Work on Search engine optimization: If you are not an SEO expert please hire a good SEO company.
  • Advertise your business on the classified sites: Give your classified ads sites on the top classified sites.

Free Classified Ads Sites List

The Below sites are the most popular classified ads sites. Get your business and brand on the classified, display and market your products, drive the web traffic to your site and enjoy the benefits of the classified ads sites. Before Search engine optimization do this trick and I am giving you the assurance that you will get huge web traffic to your web site. Follow the tips to make the classified ads most effective and profitable for your business. Let’s get started!

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Classified Ads Sites Alexa
50 States Classifieds 2024800
99 Local Search 708750
Abbe Ville 574391
Able Wise 429926
Ad Land Pro 102999
Ad Post 76233
Adeex 154867
Adeex 466171
Ads In USA 2407056
Ads List 4687328
Ads River 183067
Allanucios 369959

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