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About Dmoz Listing Checker

Have you heard the name of Dmoz? The term seems to be quite unfamiliar. The term Dmoz came from the domain name which was used in the early times. Dmoz uses several languages. It can be termed as the directory that do opeates on several languages open content directory of the links in the World Wide Web. Volunteer editor’s community is the name of the community and site that maintains this directory, Open Directory Project (ODP).

In 1998, Bob Truel and Rich Skrenta in United States founded Dmoz as Gnuhoo. Later in 1998, Sun Microsystems’s head of network security products marketing along with Jeremy Wenokur and Bryn Dole joined the team as cofounders. The product was then known as Gnuhoo which was based on the Usenet newsgroup structure that existed then. This directory was live on 5th June 1998. Free Software Foundation objected using the name “Gnu” and so the name changed and named as NewHoo. In this case Yahoo! put a objection on using “Hoo”. So, they choose the name ZURL but before doing so, Netscape Communications Corporation acquired NewHoo in 1998 October and named it as Open Directory Project. Netscape releases this under the License of Open Directory. Later Netscape was acquired by AOL and so did Dmoz also go under AOL. By that time nearly 100,000 URLs was indexed under Open Directory Project and had a contribution of around 4500 editors.

On 14th August 2000, Dmoz successfully indexed 2 million URLs and the record goes on as 3 millions URLs indexed by 18th November 2001 and on 3rd December 2003 the number was 4 million. This success goes on in a higher rate and on 2013 the result was 5,169,995 sites were listed in a category of 1,017,500. As of the 2015 record shows indexing of 3,996,412 sites in 1, 026, 06 categories.

So, how does Dmoz works?

For organizing the site listing, Dmoz uses the hierarchical ontology scheme. The similar topics are listed into the similar groups and that can be again grouped into the smaller groups as per requirement. Dmoz s generally termed as the largest directory built by any human being. Dmoz listed sites gets a lot of preference in Google search engine and also helps the sites to rank high in the search engine. Dmoz listing is generally done for free; the only requirement can be to have good website that can be appreciated in terms of quality. Once Dmoz registers a site it becomes more trusted in the eyes of the search engine and is seen to be ranking better in the search engine. For most of the webmasters it is very essential to rank high in the search engine. Dmoz gets you a chance to achieve that through their listing process. This listing process is carried on by the editors. In the listing process, some editors do prefer to work on the existing URLs while some do like to include some new URL in the list while there are others who prefer to d the both. This editor carries on a number of processes like individual listing editing which is mainly done to correct the grammar and the spelling and well as linked sites status monitoring is also done through this process. It is alos done in order to remove the spam and if there is any duplicate submission occurs.

What is Dmoz Listing Checker?

To check the Dmoz listing for any website, a checkup is done known as the Dmoz listing checker. This tool comes absolutely free and the task can be performed in a fraction of seconds. The experts have made it possible so that at a particular time it can perform bulk checks. At most 100 URLs can be checked at a time. It generates the report in no time. To perform this check you need to enter the full URL in space provided and press the submit button. Each URL is needed to be entered in a separate line. The results so given are in the format of a table that has field like serial number, domain and status of the URL. If you did entered a number of URL in the box provided then the result will be given in different rows for each URL. In the status field, it reflects whether the URL is listed or not.

Investors of domain do perform a check to know whether a URL is Dmoz listed or not as Google gives a lot of importance to those sites that are listed in Dmoz. Sites that are Dmoz listed as they are capable of ranking high in the search engine result page. Thus all webmasters before putting their website live are suggested to carry down this two minute check and after confirming that they are listed they take the website live.

How to use Dmoz Listing Checker?

Just like most of the seo tools, you can use this one with great ease. There are no complex procedures, you simply need to add the URLs of the site that you want to check the listings for. You can also check the listings for multiple sites at once by adding the URLs on separate lines. After that, verify your authenticity through the captcha that is present on the site. You can now press the submit button to see the list of sites you had entered for checking and their status.

Why need to use Dmoz Listing Checker?

The basic purpose of the Dmoz listing checker is that shows you whether or not your site is listed on Dmoz directory. There are several advantages of having your site in the directory as its data is used by some of the best search engines in the world including Google, Bing, Yahoo and much more search engines. Also, you can check many sites together which will save your time as well as let you see all of the sites you care about at a glance.

Tips on adding your site to Dmoz listing

Getting your site listed on Dmoz is a great way to enhance your online presence. You need to keep in mind the following things while trying to add your site on Dmoz's directory.

  • There instructions given on the site that you must read carefully before submitting your site.
  • You need to have patience as it requires some time for them to verify your site and list them on the directory.
  • Choose the most appropriate category in which you need to add your site; it will help them as well as you when your site is shown in the category it belongs to.
  • Read more to find information how to list into Dmoz

When you check many sites for their listing in bulk, you get to know the status of these sites at a glance just with a single click. This can be done only through the Dmoz listing checker without any hassles.

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