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Case Converter

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About Case Converter

As we know that it is very annoying to read the thing that all is in upper case caps, but thankfully we have case conversion tool to convert all the upper case caps to lower case and vice versa.

We have a number of case conversion tools available online to do this annoying job for us and make our reading experience much easier. There are different kinds of handy tools accessible that help you to convert a given text into a different case immediately and in place. These tools are very easily obtainable. We can use them anywhere and some of them can be used really free of cost. Not only case conversion, these tools are able to perform a variety of different tasks and thus they come with a number of options. We all now talk about the options first:

  • lower case
  • sentence case
  • title case
  • toggle case
  • Alternate case
  • Convert to the opposite case

Search online for “case converter”, and the search engine will show you lots of case conversion tools site.

Online Text Case Converter Tool

We can find several cases changing add-ons here on the sites. But different tools have different options such as; some of them only work for text in input boxes. Some tools are very old and not been updated for several years, thus their functionality is old enough for modern uses. Working with these old and not updated tools is very hectic and unsatisfactory job. For long days these tools are not updated to the level of present day use. Therefore, they run slow and cannot handle heavy workload. If you check their review you will understand, some of the tools have bad reviews and some of them do not have any review at all.

You have to carefully choose from the huge list. The all CAPS that seem to be screaming at your face will transform into a gentle readable text in a few minutes or less. Though all the options do not work all the same rather they are little too old fashioned in method of transforming a sentence. These converters should be updated.

This case converter tool work with ease. These easy to use case conversion tools are designed to allow you to convert blocks of text into any case you would choose. Then you can simply export it to a text file or simply copy and paste back to your own documents. So if you have a document that is typed in all caps do not panic at all- you can convert it in seconds right now. If you want to capitalize first letter of each word of your text to give it (in case it is a marketing or advertisement document) special attention, then just a click will do the trick for you.

Step by Step to Use Case Converter Tool

To change the case of a text you have to follow some simple steps:

  • Just copy the text you want to convert
  • Paste the text in the text box of the given tool
  • Click on the convert button just at the bottom of the text box
  • choose lower case to ensure that every letter of your text is in lower case like this
  • Proper Case To Convert Each First Letter Of Each Word Of Your Text Like This
  • Sentence case where the first letter of each sentence will be converted into upper case and the rest of the sentence will remain in lower case like this. So the first letter after every full stop will automatically be converted into a capital letter.
  • After you have converted the text into your desired case you can copy and paste the text in your file.
  • You can also click on the button “save results to text file” and the result will automatically be saved.

Technology has made things really easier a lot. Now you do not have to be very particular about everything in time of typing something, you can set everything to what you want with a matter of second. With a few simple steps and a few clicking you can change the case of your text to anything you want and that is also absolutely free of cost. Just find a case converter online and enjoy your work and case convert. So now do not panic if you have typed a text with the caps lock button on.

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