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Where Am I Currently Based on IP Address?

05/26/2017 5:15 PM by Ellys Kho in Tools

At times you would have wondered: “Where am I based on IP?”. It is not that easy to know such details unless you are a computer expert and know how to use a command prompt. However, with “What is my IP address” tool, you can now know your IP without any hassle. Not only that but you also get to see many other details that you might want to know. Your IP is your identity which can be used at many places. Also, they are tracked on the sites you visit for informational and analytical purposes. For people who just wanted to know their IP addresses will also benefit from the tool.

What is My IP Address Location Tool?

It is a tool through which let you know Where are you based on IP address. Along with your public IP address, you can also check various other details about your computer which are informational and useful for many purposes. Some of the basic things that you can know about your IP are - which country you reside in, which city and state you live in and also your country code. Furthermore, it tells you about your ISP as well. Sometimes, you don’t know what your ISP is and thus you can get to know this by the brilliant tool. If you are looking for your precise latitude and longitudinal GPS coordinates then this is a great tool to use.

Where am I based on IP address?

The best part about the tool is that you don’t have to do anything to use the tool. It automatically detects your IP from the browser that you use and displays it right in front of you. In case you feel some data is not appropriate, you can reload and try to see the same. All the informational data will be displayed with proper labeling and color code.

Do I need to know where is my location based on IP?

There can be many different use cases of knowing the IP and the other details that you get from the tool. Sometimes, people look up these things just out of curiosity and the tool offers them the correct data. Even if you want to know your GPS coordinates, you can know that through this tool. For those looking to know their ISP will also benefit from the tool as it shows that too. But you can only know the details of the device you are currently using. It won't let you search an IP for any random address.

Where Am I Based on IP address

Many times, these details can be used for some informational purposes. Below are some tips that will help you in knowing how you can use these data:

  • You can use it for analytics purposes or to block your IP from your own website analytics.
  • You can know about other useful data which can be informational.

Now that you know a good way to detect your IP address easily, you can easily to know Where are you Currently Based on IP Address?


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