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What is Site Crawler tool?

05/26/2017 12:39 AM by Ellys Kho in Tools

We have always heard of the fact that search engines look at the quality of our website. They view Total Backlinks, keywords and many more other things to analyze the features and quality standard of the website. But there are many links and the content which are actually not even visible to the search engine. These can be the flash based content or some content that is being generated through JavaScript or some content that is being displayed as image. To analyze all these types of contents, there is one very efficient tool in the market. It is none other than the Site Crawler Tool.

Actually the content like the flash based content or the image based content is practically invisible and thus the search engine is unable to track it. With this tool, you simply just need to enter the URL of the respective website and you will be able to see the results with the eyes of a search engine spider.

Mechanism of the Site Crawler Tool

The name of the tool suggests as if a crawler is there look and analyzing. It actually sounds so funny. The search engine crawlers have no eyes like human beings and thus they visualize a website in some different manner. The Site Crawler Tool works by simulating search engines crawlers and displaying the content of the site same as a search engine would look at that site. Also, all the hyperlinks that are being crawled upon are also listed in detail.

site crawlers tool

Accessing the Site Crawler Tool

The graphic interface of the Site Crawler Tool is very easy to handle and use. You just need to follow some quick steps and you will easily get the needed information. These steps are listed below:

  • Firstly, launch the Site Crawler Tool.
  • Then enter the URL link of the website for which you want the further information.
  • At last, you just need to type the captcha correctly.
  • Now press the submit button and you are done with your job.

Within a few seconds of time, the Site Crawler Tool will provide you with all the necessary information.

Results displayed by the Site Crawler Tool

Following are all the results that are being displayed by the Site Crawler Tool:

  • Meta content: Within the Meta content, the Meta title, description and the keywords are displayed.
  • H1 to H4 tags: Under this, all the tags belonging from H1 heading to H4 heading are displayed out.
  • Indexable links: The links that are being indexed are mentioned here.
  • Readable content: All the readable part of the page is mentioned in this section.
  • Source Code: The HTML source code is present under this head.

The search engines have a limited job of indexing and they fail at reading the gif or jpeg text and also they lack at analyzing the flash files. With the help of this tool, you can analyze many further results and improve your website content.


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