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What is RSS Feed and Benefits of RSS feed for SEO?

03/27/2017 4:34 PM by Ellys Kho in Seo

Are you interested in a particular website? Do you like its content and the information that it provides? And don’t want to miss any update that it makes? Previously bookmark was being used for this purpose. Bookmarking of the website is marking the website for future viewing. Usually, the viewer has to keep a track of the bookmark marked sites manually. It is quite troublesome, isn’t it? The users don’t get to know about the updates made by the webmasters. They do have click on the URL of the bookmarked website for checking the updates. This can be a little time-consuming. This generally happens with the websites that mainly give information about medical issues and product related news websites, blogs, and information on the religious websites. The user had to check repeatedly for any updates on the website. An earlier solution to that can be email notification which will inform you once there is any update on the site or not but the problems lie is that you may receive multiple email notification that can be disorganized in the inbox and might be overlooked or can be treated as spam. Suppose there is such software that can easily tell you when the updates made on your favorite website. It does feature all the qualities of a bookmark page and that of an email notification. Excited about the idea? RSS can be that can help you in getting the notification about the new or the changed content that is being done on your favorite website. The result thus obtained is thus well organized and can be easily identified.

What is RSS feed?

Importance of RSS Feed

It is a revolution brought in the online content reading and does facility the users in interacting with the content. RSS stands for Rich Site Summary and also sometimes known as Really Simple Syndication can be termed as the technology that is used for tracking your favorite website’s updates. This technology is being used around the world. It does provide with the updated information on the news headline, blog entries, and updated or newly entered content. A document is placed that contains summarized text is known as the RSS feed. It may also contain the author’s name as the metadata. Reed feed is also known as simply feed or web feed or channel. It does have a large list of the standard format for the web feed that does publish all the updated information. Through the use of this technology, a user doesn’t have to check for the updates each and every time rather whenever there is an update on the website the RSS feed will deliver the same and thus one can easily read that with the help of the feed reader.

Importance of RSS feed

It’s true that the readers get the updated information through RSS feed, but in the same way it RSS feed helps the webmasters or the bloggers. Whenever a webmaster publisher a new content, he must want to be read by all its valuable readers, so here the RSS feed comes into importance. It does take the information of the newly published content to the readers and thus more and more readers who are subscribed can come to your website or blog to read the content or the important information. Each blogger or webmaster needs to implement the RSS feed so as the notice of the content or information published can be easily known by its targeted customers. Another importance of RSS feed can be that the readers can easily view the content of many websites in just one page. There can be certain cases where the reader does not like the content of a page and do not want to get any information regarding it. To getting stop receiving the information, the reader does not have to work hard and click on hundreds of buttons rather just direct the RSS feed reader to avoid the site and all you are done. RSS feed does not collect spam, which is considered to be the most annoying factor in online. Blacklisting, email filters, and many other techniques are being used by the marketers and publishers to avoid the spam emails. RSS do strictly not allow entering the feed in any cases.

Generally, if we visit a site we get continuous updates. After a fixed amount of time, it is seen that our inbox is filled with garbages from where it is impossible to find out which the important mail was and which was not. RSS do not overload information. It does keep all the necessary information and thus does not allow any type of spam messages to enter your email inbox

RSS feed is very important for those who is a blogger or a webmaster and for a reader also who likes to read and get information online.

Benefits of RSS feed submission in SEO

RSS or Rich Site Summary acts as an information center for the users. It plays an important role in the search engine that does index RSS feeds. Google do highly give importance to the RSS feed and thus they can give a more influence to the SEO strategy for your website.

Now as we know that one of the ranking strategies can be to write quality content that can attract the maximum number of customers and also can help in earning the maximum number of backlinks. Google or any other search engine rankings do highly depend on the maximum number of customers reading your content and thus sticking to the site. So, it is highly needed that the content should reach the targeted customers. RSS feed does the same task for you in a fraction of seconds and without much effort from your side. RSS feed helps in fetching new customer for you by supplying the vital and attractive information about your site to the readers. More traffic is being generated through the use of the RSS feed. It does help in the ranking of the website by providing the latest and the fresh content for the website.

No matter whether you are a blogger or a webmaster you need to take the advantage of the RSS feed for the betterment of the website.


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