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What is Keyword Density Analysis?

05/27/2017 12:37 AM by Ellys Kho in Tools

Keywords are one of the most important assets when you try to optimize your site for search engines. Also, when you write blog posts for your site, you need to know which words are repeated and ensure that they are your targeted keywords. However, we can't really know about how many times the keywords are used and what should be the ideal percentage with respect to the total word count in the page or content body. The keyword density analysis tool lets you know how much importance each keyword has in your page by telling you its density.

What is Keyword Density Analysis Tool?

It is a simple tool which lets you analysis keyword density on a page. Knowing the density of keywords will help you in ensuring that you are targeting the right ones. Also, it would clearly show you the most used words in your site with the percent of share the word has among all the other words. The higher the percent of your targeted keywords, the better it is.

How to Analysis your Keyword Density?

Using the keyword density analysis tool is extremely simple. You don’t have to take any additional efforts and just type or paste the link for which you need to perform the check. The interface is unambiguous and there is a single input in which you need to enter the link. Once you do that, you need to verify yourself through a captcha test and press the 'Submit' button. These are the only steps that are required to be followed in order to analysis keyword density. The results will be shown in a tabular form in a descending order of most used words.

keyword density analysis checker tool

Is Analysis Keyword Density Tool important?

There are numerous advantages of using this keyword density analysis tool. One of the key things you will get to know is whether or not you are using the right keywords on your site. Most probably, all the words that show up in the top 5 results of the list must be relevant keywords that you are targeting for. If the wrong words have more density then you must consider changing the words to something which would be probable keywords for your site.

Your rankings depend on how you use the keywords in your site and more importantly, which ones you use. Follow the below steps in order to improve your SEO rankings by using them in the right way:

  • Research on the keywords which have high searches but low competition. These are the words which you need to target more.
  • Use them naturally in a normal reading flow rather than just stuffing them even where they seem inappropriate.
  • Measure your keyword density and improvise on which words you want to focus more.

The keyword density analysis tool will be extremely helpful for you as it provides you with the accurate percent of words that are used. Use it so that you can improve your SEO rankings.


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