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What is & Benefits of Local SEO?

04/28/2017 5:28 PM by Ellys Kho in Seo

Internet is the new world in today’s era. Be it any kind of business online or offline internet plays a major role. Say you have a restaurant at a particular location. Only the people of that local area will know about it but if you want the entire city to know about put up hoardings, give advertisements on TV and newspapers and most importantly you create an online page about your restaurant. You put in details like cuisine you serve, opening time and closing time, location, home delivery or not etc, still how will the local city residents know? This is where Local SEO comes in.

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Local SEO

Local SEO is an abbreviation for Local Search Engine Optimization. SEO is basically what helps search engines to produce Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). When users input any word to be searched for example ‘Chinese cuisine’ then SEO will search for all the pages that have the words Chinese and Cuisine and the pages that have these two together will rank higher than pages having them separated.

Now say you are in Delhi and search for ‘Chinese Cuisine’ and the search shows you restaurants in Gujarat. That is completely useless. This is where Local SEO steps in. Now when an individual search for something the internet considers the location of the user and shows results accordingly. That means if you are in Delhi then first restaurants of Delhi will be shown in the result. Local SEO considers your location and then searches for your requirements.

is Local SEO Important?

Let us assume that there is a medical emergency and you are new in a city. So you search for hospitals. And it shows you hospitals in some other city then that is simply wasting time. This is why Local SEO is important as it would consider your location and show you hospitals within your city. Local SEO saves time and effort and also is a boon for people in business.

If there is a local leather jacket store and you search for Leather jackets then SEO will show you online jackets or big brands or many pages but Local SEO will show you that shop much earlier by considering your location. Local SEO provides better results as mainly people search for things nearby for instance nearby café or movie lounge or plumber or electrician.

Make a well-informed choice

To choose any Local SEO service you need to be well informed so that you invest your money wisely.

  • Firstly you should make sure that the person or the company you are choosing is available locally so that they are well informed about local places.
  • Secondly, you should see that the content they are providing should not only be SEO friendly but also unique as if the content is copied the ranking in SERPs will go down.
  • You should make sure that the person enters your complete details like services you offer, what are the opening and closing timing, contact number, address, etc.

Introduction of Local SEO



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