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What are Backlinks?

12/15/2016 12:29 PM by Ellys Kho in Seo

So do you have any idea about the term Backlinks? No… Let me try to help you out with it. In this article, I will provide you with a short description about Backlinks.

To be very precise, Backlinks can be termed as a hyperlink that will link you from a web page back to your web page. It was said to be important as it helps to determine the popularity of the page. It is used for the ranking of a web page. If a page has too many Backlinks then they are considered to be a higher ranking site in nearly all search engine optimization or SEO. The quality of a Backlinks is much more important than that of the quantity.

For example, A website of say shopping review gives the links to another website which is a shopping center. In this case, the shopping center website gains more popularity and thus shopping center website gets a natural Backlinks from that of the shopping review website. This is indeed gain for the shopping center website.

You can think that why I used the word natural? Are there any bad practices that are being carried out through that of Backlinks? My answer is yes. To gain more fame or Backlinks many website owners adapt many unfair means like selling Backlinks, buying Backlinks or link exchange networks. Though search engine does not support this type of odd practices and if someone comes in their notice they can get severe punishment such as deindexing of the web page or even can get penalized. A website should not create Backlinks through artificial means.

What are the importances of Backlinks in SEO? The importance of search engine ranking results is really important and is regarded as a very important factor in online business. When we search something on a search engine or say Google, the WebPages that has the maximum number of Backlinks appears first and thus we viewed the first thing first. Let’s start a short description on this topic in bulleted style:

  • Helps in getting ranking : Backlinks help in getting ranking. If any site gets an organic link from any other site then the content will get a higher ranking with the search engine. If you do have a webpage then your aim should be to get links to individual pages along with those that lead to your homepage.
  • Indexing : Backlinks are essential for the indexing of a new webpage. The more Backlinks will be present for a new page the more it will become discovered.
  • Traffic : We are all aware how important is referral traffic in terms of a web page. Backlinks help to get this referral traffic. Referral traffic is targeted by all and thus received a very minimum bounce rate.

So, you must be wondering how you can generate Backlinks without adapting any bad means. Try this method:

  • Write a good quality article : Always try to maintain a good quality. If you can write some awesome article then people will automatically link to it.
  • Don’t miss to comment : This is an excellent way by which you can receive a maximum number of Backlinks.
  • Web Directories : Keep on submitting to web directories as this can earn you Backlinks.

I hope this little discussion will help you to understand Backlinks and also create the same on your webpage.


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