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Use Alexa Web Analytics to Estimate Your Site Traffic

06/06/2017 1:45 PM by Ellys Kho in Tools

Alexa Web Analytics is a wholly owned subsidiary of which ranks all the sites in the world based on its algorithm which considers page views, unique hits, and other factors. This rank is an average measure of how well your site is currently doing. To know the current rank of your site, you need to check it constantly. There were not many tools previously through which you could get to know the Alexa traffic stats of your site. But now, you have the ability to check it just with a click of a button. Let's know about this Alexa Web Analytics lookup which lets you check the global rank of your website instantly.

What is Alexa Web Analytics Lookup?

This Alexa Web Analytics lookup is what that lets you view the traffic stats of your website easily. It is very influential in letting you know how well your site is performing. If you are concerned about the statistics of your site, you must keep a check on how fast your global rank is improving. The site which has the highest combination of unique visitors and page views will be ranked on the top. So, the better your rank is, the more popular your site is, and you must always work on making it better. But Alexa isn’t a perfect metric, so it’s not that necessary to focus on unless you want to grab advertiser attention.

alexa web analytics stats sample

How to use Alexa Web Analytics Stats Lookup?

Looking Up your Alexa Web Analytics cannot be easier than now, what you simply need to do is put your URL in the given input field and then go through a captcha test. After completing these two simple steps, you are done. You will be displayed the site rankings with other necessary information.

Does Alexa Web Analytics important to SEO Experts?

Alexa Web Analytics stats are one of the best ways to know the popularity of your site. It combines many factors and makes an average score which lets you know how well your site is gaining momentum. Apart from that, you may also get to know about your regional popularity. This shows you a rank in your own country, which will let you know if your site is performing well in your niche market or country. You will also get to know a global rank on where your site stands globally.

Since, the Alexa Web Analytics is just a rank given on the basis of your site’s page views, unique hits, social activities, and much more, the best way to increase the Alexa ranking is to concentrate on your site metrics that you value. Below are a few actionable steps that you can take to improve your Alexa rank.

  • Promote your website on multiple channels to get it a bigger reach.
  • Focus on getting newer users on your site, since the unique views matter a lot in the Alexa rankings.
  • Try to bring in more daily visitors to the site as it plays a huge role in the rankings.

Now, you know how important Alexa rankings are in your journey of making a website successful. It tracks the latest statistics of the site and lets you know your rank in the global website space.


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