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Treat Dead Link Finder as your Precious Friends

06/08/2017 01:05 PM by Ellys Kho in Tools

If you are into online businesses that mean you earn your income through your website then it is very important for you to have a good crowd. For a good crowd, it is very important that they find your web page or website and also it is important that your website has good ranking in search engines. Now sometimes it happens that your content is good and what your website offers is also good but there are no customers on your site. This generally happens when people cannot find your web page. This can be due to Dead Link.

A Dead Link is a link that has no use and is not functioning. It may not function because of the following reasons:

  • The URL entered by the website owner might not be correct
  • Common error 404 that is the destination web page has been removed
  • The firewall of the user blocks the access to that web page
  • Website owner has linked the to a site that has been blocked by firewall

If a website has too many Dead Link then it is said to have link rot.

A Dead Link can be so problematic?

Dead Link makes the destination web page not available. So this is a major problem for website owner and also for customers. Website owner loses business, reputation, its ranking on search engines and customers whereas customers lose information but they find other site for that. These reasons can lead to the failure of any website and cause a major loss to the website owner.

find the dead link and remove it

Dead Link Finder to the Rescue

  • Dead Link Finder is an online tool is for free of cost.
  • This Dead Link Finder checks your websites and blogs for dead and broken links.
  • It can scan multiple web pages and its search includes both internal and external URLs.
  • It also shows you where the problem is in your HTML coding.
  • It can be accessed by any device that has internet connection.
  • The Dead Link Finder analyzes the entire page, produces result and shows you the issues.
  • This Dead Link Finder is free so can be used by anyone for any number of times. You simply have to enter the URL and it will take care of the rest.
  • It is basically a validation tool and reports hyperlink that badly needs your attention. After that you can simply modify the HTML coding according to your need.

Dead Link Finder is Precious Friends

The heading is true for any website owner. If you do not want to lose any customer (old or new) then you should try this tool at least once for safety. You should make sure that whatever you are selling be it information or any product then it should be available to the customers. If the links remain dead then new customers will not be able to find your website and old customers will get tired of trying too hard to reach a website and they will simply find another website.


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