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Top Social Media Marketing Trends For 2017

01/15/2017 11:48 PM by Ellys Kho in Internet marketing

It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that the world has improved a lot in case of social media. Standing in 2017, Social media has become a means for improving business. Now we can say that it would be impossible for us to stay without social media. Many entrepreneurs have chosen this as a means to extend their business and to achieve a goal in the business. And to the surprise, they are even reaching their goal through the means of social means. Social media promoting goes for creating the substance that client may share at their systems administration destinations to expand the organization's client reach. Web-based social networking promoting is simple and a brisk procedure. There are certain companies that can even help you out with the implementation of social media marketing. So, here I am giving some top social media marketing trends especially for 2017;

10 thing Social Media Marketing will be Trends in 2017

Video live streaming

video streamingIn this 2017, live streaming has become one of the top social media marketing trends. Since the invention, YouTube through mobile phones has become a sensational for viewing, recording, and uploading of videos. Now YouTube has become a means to capture live events too. These are not recorded or edited but are live raw footage. Video live streaming trends allow us to share stories both our personal and business. Video live streaming is a way to engage your viewers with your site.


chatbotsAre you aware of the chatbots facts? If not then allow me to tell you that chatbots are the conversational agent that are mainly engaged in conversation without the involvement of any human being. In this 2017, it is needed to involve human smartness in machines. Chatbots help you in this. This boardroom chats are flexible in an order to automate the tasks. Chatbots also help in retrieving the data. This helps in enhancing the customer’s experience that will help you in customer service and also in growing interaction. Chatbots present in Facebook support this chatbot because they are gaining immense popularity and also help the marketers with their new tools. The Facebook chatbots are present in the Facebook Messenger. Chatbots have received its immense popularity after Mark Zuckerberg announced that the third parties can take the help of messenger for the purpose of creating their personal chatbots. Customers want prompt replies to their comments. These chatbots are designed in such a manner so that they can answer the queries without human interference.

Expiring Content

Making content expiring is one of the biggest social media trends. Social media has become a vast business platform. Expiring content has become a means to try your hands in digital marketing campaigns. The usual marketing tactics do not work in social media marketing. Here comes Snapchat with social content expiring tactics. By this process, the marketers have made the visitors know that they have a very limited time to view and read the content available on the social media. This generally includes the 10 seconds videos that go after only one view. After this, you can view the video in Snapchat stories and to last for 24 hours. Instagram has also installed the technology and named it as Instagram Stories.


social marketing planIn a survey, it is seen that many small businesses loses a huge amount of money because they ignore the fact of improving their business through marketing automation. You need to adopt marketing automation and also the utilization of tools that can help you to achieve your objective.


It is often seen in social media that the big brands are often taking over the small brands. Before taking over a social network, the big enterprises have some strategy in their mind. Some of the examples that the big enterprises take over the social network are Periscope was bought by Twitter, LinkedIn bought by Microsoft or Whatsapp and Instagram by Facebook.

Targeting messaging apps

Mobile has become the new face of the social media. In mobile, messaging apps has become a common factor. It has helped the social media marketing for business to grow high up. In a survey, it is being noticed that around 4 billion users are using the messaging apps. These apps are convenient to use. This offers advertisers an intriguing scene to work with. With the help of messaging apps, the clients can talk with their vendors in one to one basis. They can share their personal queries and the vendors also can share the pricing and the discounts with them.

Rising of the social influencer

The social web gave birth to the global marketing tribes. Bloggers can create fashion content, food content and other content of their interest. They can create the list of followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They can build trust and credibility on the genuine content that can supply more information to your side.

Converting business into a trust economy

It was impossible in the past to receive complaints or mistake making was hidden behind the closed doors. An email was private. But in the current format, visibility is a feature in the social media. New business believes in transparency. So, you can see the complaint and reviews about anything anytime.


The intersection of the internet, personal computer, mobile smartphones and social network is changing our lives, entertainment, and business. It has become a part of our life too. We keep on publishing on the social networking sites. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it has made all of us publisher as we keep on posting the video, selfies, and some writings. Every hour billions of such post are getting updated in the social media. This has resulted in an explosion of the content. The data volumes have increased. This needs artificial intelligence that can manage this type of functions. Priority of personalization: In this 2017, the tools have become more powerful, so the need for personalization both in terms of contents and advertising is very essential. Today people like to view the digital advertising. This can create a noise in the industry. Relevance is the most eye- catching factor in social media marketing.

I feel that this could be the top social marketing trends in 2017 that could take the social media marketing to a high.


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