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The Domain Whois Lookup?

06/14/2017 10:50 PM by Ellys Kho in Tools

WhoIs is a concept in the web world where you can know the details of the person behind the domain. However, sometimes these details are masked by the domain companies under their details to ensure user privacy. To know these details, you need to use this Domain WhoIs lookup tool. This tool helps you with all the details of the person who owns the domain. It will show you any detail that you probably want to know about the user. It is also useful if you want to purchase a domain from someone which will allow you to contact the respective person.

What is Domain Whois Lookup?

It is a domain Whois lookup which shall let you know the WhoIs details of any domain. You will get to know all the data regarding the name of the user who owns the domain, the registrar under which the domain was bought, his email id, phone number, street address and much more. Although this data should only be used for legal purposes, you can use the contact details in order to contact the owner to purchase the domain if you want to.

How to use Domain Whois Lookup?

It is quite simple to use the domain Whois lookup tool. You just need to add the URL of the site for which you want the details. There is a single input which makes sure you don’t get confused in the process. You will need to enter the captcha details after which you have to click the button 'Get WhoIs Data'. You will be shown a table of informational data after applying the steps mentioned above. Even the data is shown in a precise and organized manner which lets you quickly view it in a single glance.

Why Need to use Domain Whois Lookup?

There are various benefits of the Domain WhoIs lookup tool. Firstly, you get all the correct data of the domain owner. Through this data, you can contact the person and communicate regarding the cause you want to talk about. Also, those who are curious about knowing the people behind popular websites can know through the WhoIs data. Sometimes the data will be of the domain registrar if the user must have opted for privacy.

You will get hordes of data from the domain Whois lookup but you need to know how to use them for the right purpose. Below are some details on how you must use this data for yourself:

  • If you want to purchase the data, contact directly with the owner of the domain for the best price quote.
  • Never use the data for sending mass promotional emails or messages as spamming can get you blocked by the user.
  • Also, you must not use the data for any illegal purposes since a legal action can be taken against you for this.

Since you now have access to any domain's website details, you can make good use of it. Through this tool, it is also very easy to seek the domain WhoIs data.


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