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SSL and Search Engine Result pages

04/07/2017 9:12 PM by Ellys Kho in Seo

SSL and Search Engine Result pages

Talking about Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) that mean you will work really hard to optimize your web pages (know as SEO), experts said there over 200 ranking factor to determine your web pages ranking on search engine result. On Google Event I/O, They said "We must protect the security, privacy, and integrity of our user data" that mean they want to make a secure connection to all web pages.


SSL a method to secure connection between users and server from tapped and miscellaneous activity, Normally data connection on protocol HTTP(without 'S') do it on standard connection and open without anything extra, so if the connection can be tapped, because the data on open status because of that peoples easily to read it. HTTPS or SSL is an encryption method to secure your data communication so if your data tapped by someone, The spy can't see what data and only see alien language and it will hard to decryption even you have the keys.

Search Engine Optimisation and SSL

Today not many web pages using HTTPS because many people thinking using HTTPS is a necessary and quite high price. But after Google do a research about websites with HTTPS and plain website without SSL, the websites with HTTPS get a better result on search engine results than a normal website that has no SSL installed. There some type of SSL:

SSL Certificates to secure your web

  • SSL certificate Domain validity this kind SSL only validate your domains names without register your company name, this SSL very easy to install you can do it within a minute, it has 128bit encryption and only for securing your entry form level.
  • SSL certificate SGC SuperCert this SSL more like for software, for United States version the encryption will be 128 bit and non-United States will be 40 to 56-bit encryption. This SSL stopped by Thawte.
  • SSL certificate Wildcard with this SSL you can validate your domain including the all sub domain of your site.
  • SSL Certificates by Validation Level this SSL do a validation level determines the method adopted by the Certificate Authority to confirm the identity of the certificate applicant.
  • Organization Validated SSL Certificates, this SSL is validating your domain ownership with your organization information including the address.
  • Extended Validation SSL Certificates, This SSL quiet expensive but to activated it, you need to validate domain ownership, your organization information and in addition, you need to include legal information about your organization, it will identify with a green address bar in the browser containing the organization name.
  • Single Domain SSL Certificate, just for main domain only not include with sub-domain level.
  • Shared SSL Certificate, this SSL usually provide by hosting companies to secure the web pages under specific domains name.

Today there lot hosting companies offer many types of SSL with many various prices too so if you want to help your SEO bit why don't you try to using SSL start from now, or if you find that you lack funds and can't afford to purchase "Paid SSL" you maybe can try to use free SSL Certificate provided by Let's Encrypt for free.

Conclusion about SSL and SEO

Just my random thought maybe beside Google want to secure data connection through internet world, they also intend to reset Pagerank calculation, because after installing SSL on your web server you need to redirect the URL from HTTP to HTTPS. You can see no Google PageRank Update on 6 December 2013 until now.


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