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Secrets to Selecting Effective Keywords

04/22/2017 10:45 PM by Ellys Kho in Web development

When developing SEO strategies, it is important for the SEO expert to establish whether the same will work to increase the visibility of a given website. One of the most common ideas that most SEO companies employ is the concept of keywords. In this regard, web pages are optimized by assigning primary keywords to the said pages. Most SEO companies will make such pages more visible. The importance of picking the right keywords when running an SEO campaign cannot be over emphasized. This is one of the factors that search engines will rely on when ranking websites.

Focus on good phrases

While most SEO companies will refer to these as keywords, some SEO experts have pointed out that they should be referred to as 'key phrases'. What is important however is that SEO companies choose good phrases when seeking to optimize various web pages. The words as well as the phrases chosen should describe the products offered by the business. SEO experts should simply not rely on root words alone.

Avoid empty keywords

All SEO companies should remember that higher rankings for any website do not necessarily translate to more traffic for the online site. As such, SEO experts should try and avoid using empty keywords. For instance, if a given company deals primarily in jewelry, having jewelry as the primary keyword can definitely see the site rank highly among search engines. However, this may not necessarily work in terms of driving traffic to the site. The business may do well to consider applying phrases such as gold jewelry as well as silver earrings.

The value of repetition

The debate rages as to whether repetition of keywords can be beneficial or can cause harm to a website. However, it has been established in most cases that repetition works just fine. Such repetition must not border on keyword stuffing. In the event that search engines notice this, the move will attract penalties for the website. At the same time, SEO companies must also ensure that the meanings of the phrases being repeated on the site are significantly different. All the phrases must be related to the content contained in the web pages.

Guide your content strategy

Most SEO companies state that keywords should be designed to guide the main content strategy. Most people choose keywords based on what internet users are searching for and what search engines think about the keywords. Afterward, these people will develop their web content. It is advisable that businesses take into account the needs of customers so as to enhance the user experience. In the long run, the business will be rewarded with more traffic, more sales, and increased revenues.

In summary, it is the responsibility of all SEO companies to advise their clients on how to choose the most effective keywords. Since both parties will be stakeholders in the SEO campaign, they must ensure that every strategy is discussed before being implemented. This will go a long way in helping to build a healthy and professional relationship.


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