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Little Experiment to test My Site Load Speed

05/23/2017 6:38 PM by Ellys Kho in Seo

By having blogs and websites but it will be a waste if you do not monetize it, to generate income from your websites you can choose to become the publisher of Google Adsense as the largest and biggest advertising network which offering CPC (Cost per Click) and CPM (Cost per Mille), but the problem is Google Adsense ads is killing your site load speed thus may affect your websites SEO score as well. As you know one of important factor SEO is site load speed, while putting Google Adsense code into your web pages it makes your site load speed slowing down, so what should you to do?

My Website Loading Speed

Here is my page load time before putting any ads on my website, which need 0,9 second to fully load my site with size 256KB and 20 HTTP requests, HTTP requests unit size will be depending on number of your Image files, CSS files, and Javascript files, which the higher HTTP requests number the slow will your site load speed become.

site load speed without Google Adsense

I attempt an experiment regarding my web pages size which named as "experiment#1" placing 2 Google Adsense Ads Unit, 728 x 90 size into top of my content and 250 x 250 size in my right sidebar, in results:

my site load speed with google adsense

after putting 2 ads now my web pages size become 744kb and took me 2,5 second to load it completely, in other words, its 1,6 second longer than before, and mostly the contributor is the javascript as you can see in image 2 which over than 438kb, even today Google Ads are using system Asynchronous which never to get in the way of other parts of your web page loading speed, but still the web page size still high enough to slow down your web page load speed. Read More about Asynchronous Ads.

Conclusion to Improve your Site Load Speed

To avoid it and improving your web pages loading speed you can do simples trick which:

  • Limit your Ads unit.
  • Remove the rest of <script async src="//"></script> and put 1 into Head section.
  • Do not use too many ads serving network at once.
  • Combine all your Javascript files and CSS files into one.
  • Combine all your image files into one sprite file.



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