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Is SSL Certificate Important for a Website?

07/08/2017 9:21 PM by Ellys Kho in Web development

Security when surfing the internet is one of the most important points for users and developers. For many times the internet was quite insecure, but today this has changed to offer better security, starting with SSL.

That's right, with SSL, security is no longer a problem, as it ensures that the web traffic is safe, both incoming and outgoing, keeping users safe and avoiding a variety of threats. Consequently, the SSL Certificate for Website has a lot of benefits, which we will see below.

What is SSL Certificate?

SSL, which stands for Secure Sockets Layer, is a security protocol that uses modern encryption to send and receive sensitive information across the internet.

It works by creating a secure channel between the browser and the server of the website to which the user wants to enter or connect. Any information that passes between that channel is encrypted and is decrypted when it reaches its destination. In this way, even if someone gets the information, it is practically impossible to get a use because that information is encrypted.

SSL Certificate for Website

Will SSL Certificate Boost My Website SEO?

It is no secret that hundreds of companies and thousands of users spend a lot of money on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) resources without enabling the useful SSL to their sites, which can give them a great SEO boost to their sites. The algorithm used by Google detects when a website has SSL and gives preference to search results so that users can have a safer experience using the search engine.

According to MOZ, half of the search results on Google use HTTPS, a protocol that will continue to grow. Although it is a positive factor, Google puts more emphasis on other factors, such as quality content, but adding SSL Certificate to a Website helps SEO.

On one hand, Google has confirmed the ranking boost of HTTPS. On the other hand, with over 200 ranking, it's likely you'll find the effect of any ranking influence to remain quiet small.

How do I get a SSL Certificate for My Website?

SSL Certificate for Website is issued by companies or security services accredited to it in the network, known as Certification Authorities (CA). The most well-known in order of popularity are Symantec, GoDaddy, Comodo, GlobalSign, DigiCert, IdenTrust, Entrust, StartCom, Verizon, and Trustwave. The cost of certificates ranges from $ 50 to 1500 or more, according to the company and the type of certificate. There are usually three types of certificates, although vendors use different names for them:

- Domain certificates (DomainSSL). They are the cheapest certificates, of almost immediate emission and validation of electronic form. They are used by the vast majority of sites on the internet.

- Organizational Certificates (OrganizationSSL). Only for properly validated organizations.

- Extended validation VE certificates (ExtendedSSL). They are the most expensive certificates. They need deeper validation and are attractive because they show the visitor the name of their organization.

Some examples are those using Twitter, Mozilla and other powerful companies. In all three types the security level is the same.

How to apply for an SSL Certificate?

In order to request any certificate, it is also necessary to authenticate, send the contents of a CSR file (Certificate Signing Request). It is a text file that has the CSR extension, we need to open it with the Notes Blog or another editor, copy its contents and paste it into the box where it is requested.

It is then necessary to verify our identity. For Domain Certificates some services do it through a telephone call, others through an email to an email address of our domain. Finally, the SSL certificate obtained we need to upload it to our server and modify the configuration file to only accept requests through port 443 (HTTPS).



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