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Is Google Meta tags Generator are helping?

05/28/2017 11:57 PM by Ellys Kho in Tools

Whether you're a business or a blogger, you need to have a good website that showcases whatever you are advertising. Whether its products, services, or memorable moments and food reviews, an awesome and searchable website are recommended. But it isn't just about having a good website, you will also have to improve on its content in order for it to have a nice place and ranking in search engines giants such as Google. But it may be a bit difficult to do so, with the millions of websites now being launched and put up. And what makes it worse is that some are similar to your websites as well!

So what's an easy way that can get your website up and run with a good rank on search engines? Two words: Meta tags.

What is Meta tag?

Google Meta tag is texts that help describe the content of a page without it being on the page itself, but in the code you put into. These texts are what helps increase searchability on famous search engines.

Google Meta Tags Generator

Benefits of Meta Tags

Google Meta tags do not only help with the ranking of your web page on a search engine, but with a catchy description, you can also entice users to visit your website, and it is considered an organic ad text without the use of keywords which may be over or underused at times. It increases the audience impact to your website as it informs search engines what your web page is all about and what it does, which in turn will get interested viewers to click on your website to visit it.

How to Use Google Meta Tag Generator

Luckily, there are meta tag generators for those who still are not familiar with the codes yet. And you can be able to generate these meta tags in minutes without having to go through any process. And the best part of it? It's free to use anytime. Here's how to do it:

  • Put your Site Title, as well as its description and keywords.
  • Put in the information it needs and asks for, such as the content and language your website is in.
  • Add some optional meta tags if wanted
  • Click "Generate Google Meta Tags" and wait for a minute or so.
  • Your Google Meta tags are now generated and can be copy-pasted into your HTML files.

And there you have it, in just 5 easy steps, you will be able to generate Google meta tags to help increase traffic to your website. There are other types of meta tags under this, so it's best to acquaint yourself with the specifics in order to know what to type and further improve your views and audience, as well as your ranking in search engines. You don't need a professional programmer or to waste a lot of money and time looking through the whole website. All you need is basic knowledge of HTML and you're all set to start learning!


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