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Is Checking The Domain Name Age something important?

07/10/2017 8:54 PM by Ellys Kho in Tools

The domain name has a date of expiry and you need to renew it in order to keep using it. However, unless you go to your domain registrar's dashboard and lookup as to when your domain expires, you won't know it. With this Domain age checker, you will not only know its expiry date but you will also get to know other details for the domain. Just like the tool is named, you can also know the exact age of the domain. It is quite useful for all those who are in the domain business and also quite relevant for people who want to know about the age and expiry date of any domain they want.

What is Domain Age Checker?

It is a tool which facilitates you the knowledge of a domain's age as well as other useful data. It also tells you when the domain was purchased for the first time and also when was the last time it was updated. The Domain Age Checker is also useful for knowing the exact age of the domain which is not possible through any other means. However, the expiry date of the domain is what makes the tool worth spending your time on.

How to use Domain Age Checker?

If you want to know the age and other details of any domain in the world, you can simply put the URL of the respective site in the input that is given. You will have to pass the security check by typing the letters that you see in the image. After that, you can press the button below and you will be shown the data in a tabular form. It is as simple as it sounds and you don't have to go through any lengthy process to get the data.

Why Need to use Domain Age Checker?

Although this Domain Age Checker is used majorly for knowing the expiry date of a particular domain, you can use it for any purpose you like. Since Domain Age Checker also lets you know when a domain was created or updated, you can seek that information through here too. As you can also know about the domain age, you get to know the exact age of any domain you like.

These data can be quite useful if you want to know relevant details about a domain's age, the creation, and expiry date. Here are some tips regarding the same:

  • If you are in the domain business, such details are of extreme importance. It is a good way to know about the domain's expiry date so that you can choose to renew it if it is too close.
  • If you are looking to purchase a domain that is not active, you can check the expiry or update date so as to know the intentions of the current owner about keeping the domain.

Since you have this Domain Age Checker at your helm now, you don't have to worry about a domain getting expired without your notice. Also, you can check your domain age easily which was not possible earlier.


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Is Checking The Domain Name Age something important?
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