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Implantation of HTML Meta Tags

12/16/2016 11:55 PM by Ellys Kho in Seo

Just imagine a text without any heading? Is that possible? Of course not… We will face many problems in such content. Firstly we have to read the half or maybe the whole of the content to know what the content is all about. And suppose after reading you find that it is not of any importance to you then it’s really a waste of time. To avoid these circumstances we use tags. A tag is a small piece of description that tells about the item.

No! We are not discussing any regular item here. Here in this article, we are going to describe the Meta Tags and implantation of HTML Meta Tags. So just sit tight while I am trying to provide you with a small descriptive article.

What are Meta Tags? To be very precise, Meta Tags in HTML are the smallest piece of text that is provided by the developers which give general information about the content of the webpage. This can be present in the top of the browser or in the descriptive part. Meta Tags are the content descriptor. It helps the search engine to know about the content of the respective webpage. Though there are many types of Meta tags present but there are four major types that are widely in use. The first is the Title tag that appears at the top of the browser. Second, is a short description of the text of the page called the Meta Description Attribute. Third is the Meta Robots page that directs the search engine about what to do next with the page. Last but not the least is the Meta Keywords attribute that is a series of keywords which describes the connection with the page that is in the questions.

You must be wondering that how could you be able to implant a Meta tag in HTML program? Implantation of HTML Meta tags is very easy.

  • Title Page: The title page implantation of HTML Meta tags is the easiest as only a title is needed. You just have to put the title in the format. This title is displayed in the top of the browser.
  • Meta Description: In a survey, it is found that people often click on the link just by seeing the Meta description. So, it can be termed as an important tag. This Meta tag implantation is also not very difficult as here you have to give a precise description of the content. This should be short but includes all the important points about the content.
  • Authorship Description: This tells about the author of the content that may include the name of the author or the name of the publisher. This also has a format. You just have to place the name within the tags.

Implantation of HTML Meta tags is not very hard. You just need to have a little knowledge about HTML. So, just try to follow the rule and I am sure implantation of HTML Meta tags will be easy for you.


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