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How To Use Long Tail Keywords?

04/22/2017 10:28 PM by Ellys Kho in Seo

If you are a blogger, webmaster or an internet marketer, then you obviously know the importance of organic traffic (traffic from search engines) for successes of your online business. It’s a known fact that by learning proper on-page and off page SEO techniques, you can immensely increase your organic traffic and target buyers from various countries.

“But what is the first step in SEO?” you may ask.

It’s Keyword Research. Yes, proper keywords can make or break your SEO campaign and you will be wasting time and money if you are targeting high competition keywords which need time and authority to get ranked on.

Since we are talking about Keyword Research, let’s get down in detail about the types of Keywords.

Keywords can be categorized in two major forms depending on their word count. One is short tail keywords (example: repair computer, phone damage) and another is long tail keywords (for example: how to repair a computer, how to revive phone from water damage)

Let’s go deep about Long Tail Keywords, since they are problem-solving keywords which are usually low competition and have medium to high searches.

How does long tail keywords help my online business?

I am glad you asked, I am going to explain it to you with an example. Let’s take the keyword “phone damage” and its long tail variant “how to revive phone from water damage”. The first keyword tells little to nothing about the visitor’s problem and there by search engines return broad results which neither helps the searcher nor the website owner.

Long Tail Keywords Uses

Whereas the second keyword describes clearly what the searcher is looking for and search engines returns targeted results (which can be your blog). By this way, the visitor gets what he/she is looking for and spends some time on your website either by reading other important articles or subscribing to your latest posts. That’s a win-win situation for both of you.

Are long tail keywords profitable?

Yes, obviously. Long tail keywords have two main advantages. First, they are descriptive keywords which intend to solve the problem of the searcher and second, they are low competition keywords, which means you can rank your website on long tail keywords with minimal efforts.long tail keywords with minimal efforts.

You can get many article ideas from your niche with the help of long tail keywords. Just look for any keyword research tool, input your niche and write articles targeting long tails which people are searching for and thereby increase traffic to your site and more traffic ultimately means more revenue from advertisement and sales.

Are long tail keywords related to LSI?

The answer to that question is both Yes and No. Yes, because both long tail keywords and LSI keywords broaden your niche with keywords people are looking for. No, because LSI keywords are substitutes and related words which search engines think the visitor may be looking for.

Long tail keywords restrict the scope of a search query to a single topic whereas LSI keywords broaden the scope with related keywords. For example, the keyword “Windows” can mean the Microsoft Windows as well as windows on our house. This is where LSI keywords come into play and differentiate in between them.


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