How to Increase Website Traffic for Free?

04/16/2017 08:53 PM by Ellys Kho in Seo

Is Everyone dreams to make money through their web pages, by display advertising ads, or selling some products, or maybe making money by reviewing specific products. Everyone know that "More traffic mean money", whenever your product you provide as long has lot traffic to your web pages that will increase your sales or conversion, to achieve that, there two ways only: Paid Results or Organic Results.

As the name Paid Results means you need to throw a lot of money to advertise and promote your web pages everywhere, that might like; PPC (Pay To Click), Banner Advertising, Social Media, CPM, and much more, which mean you need very huge sum of money, while Organic Results is Free.Organic Results is SEO (Search Engines Optimization), that mean you need to upgrade and optimize your Web Pages On-Page and Off-Page SEO into highest level so your site can gain higher ranking than before in Search Engines Results Pages (SERPs) but SEO require a lot of time to spend.

Below, after doing research for a while, there 4 simple ways to increasing your website traffic for free, here we go:

Blog Walking

Like the name, you need to visit other people web pages read their article understand the content and leave your trace by putting your web page URL on comment area, not only improve your site traffic but also build your links in order to dominate search engine results, but My suggestion is read the content first before post your comment because unrelated comment will bring negative results website.

Keep Update your Content Frequently

Keep update your web pages frequently to keep your visitors loyal to you and always stay in your niche whatever cost it takes, also Up To Date web pages will gain more favor from search engines because they love active web pages, but still, you need to create high-quality content to gain positive results in search engines.

Posting Your Webpages to Social Media

Social media is a place for people gather and share any information, they also really love a new story or information, post and share your articles on social media and find groups that related with your niche and promote it.

Submit your articles to Social Bookmarking Sites

Posting every your article in social bookmarking sites by doing that you can spread evenly backlinks into all your pages and articles and most of them provide do follow backlinks, and also social bookmarking can drive traffic to your web pages because they let their users bookmark and share it again.

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