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Checking My Moz Rank?

06/20/2017 2:20 PM by Ellys Kho in Tools

What do you mean by Business? Sale of any item or information that earns you profit. Now if you are a businessman or a businesswoman then your aim is to earn maximum profit. This is true for any kind of business. Be it a real shop in a market or a virtual shop online. Online business flourishes if more and more people visit their website. Be it for purchasing or for some information. Now what does a website owner has to do to get more and more crowd visit his or her website? The owner should make sure that its content is unique and their keywords are SEO friendly. The owner should make sure that its website's ranking is good. To check these things, we use tools like Moz Rank Checker.

What is Moz Rank Checker?

Moz Rank checker is software available online. It shows you, your keyword and search engine ranking of your page. This software shows you that if someone searches for a keyword then at what position a search engine shows your page on. This shows how many pages are better than yours or how much better your page is doing than other pages. It helps in checking how your rivals are doing?

How to use Moz Rank Checker?

The use of this Moz Rank Checker tool is very easy as you just need to the avail the internet. Simply go to any browser and search for Moz Rank checker. There will be many options to choose from. Choose according to your requirement. Many pages offer a free trial so it is advised that you should try on two to three sites first and then you can decide to take a subscription or not. You simply have to enter the URL of your page or the keyword you want to know the rank of.

This software is used to know the rank of keyword or page when searched by a search engine. This is very important for any person who has a website. This ranking shows you where you stand online. The ranking also shows you whether you need to change your content or not. It shows you the keywords you should use less or more. It is a link popularity score. It is increased when other pages link to that page.

If you are new to online business world then here are few tips for you -

  • To improve your Moz Rank you should get many links from semi-popular websites or a few links from very popular pages
  • Moz's toolbar provides SEO tools and data to diagnose any SEO related problem.

If you desire to improve the ranking and user flow of your website then you should regularly check your ranking. You should also check rank of your keywords you are using so that you should use keywords with high ranks. This also helps you to stay updated and also shows you your competition. You should link your pages more effectively to get better ranking and to stay ahead of competitors.


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