Little Experiment to test My Site Load Speed

By having blogs and websites but it will be a waste if you do not monetize it, to generate income from your websites you can choose to become the publisher of Google Adsense as the largest and biggest advertising network which offering CPC (Cost per Click) and CPM (Cost per Mille), but the problem is Google Adsense ads is killing your site load speed thus may...
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The Best 10 SEO Tools List 2017

Every profession has its own tools that help achieve results faster, automate routine tasks or simply facilitate the work process. The Best SEO tools list grows even more. What SEO tools exist on the market, which ones are popular, how to choose the right? Here it the Top 10 best SEO tools List that had done a great job and put together lists of the most useful...
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Google Accelerated Mobile Pages and Wordpress?

Hey, Folks! As you are pretty aware that “Google“ always keeps on experimenting with new technology trends that could be beneficial for users. So, keeping its legacy it has started a new concept called Accelerated Mobile Pages i.e AMP and this thing is making news these days. This post explains what actually AMP is and how it can be beneficial...
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Yoast Wordpress SEO Plugin the Sections Breaking Down

If you are a blogger running your blogs on WordPress self-hosted platform, then you are in luck as you have such an enormous list of plugins available from various developers which help manages your WordPress blog feel like a walk in the park. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a crucial thing which all webmasters need to take care of and develop their sites...
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5 Off Page SEO Tutorials 2017

Search Engine Optimization, often abbreviated as SEO is not a new thing for you if you are a blogger or an internet marketer. Organic traffic (traffic from search engines) is one of the crucial ways by which you can get new people from all over the world to visit your website and become your customers or regular readers. If you want to get high amount of organic...
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Meta Tags for SEO?

MetaTags or Meta tags or known as Meta Data is HTML Element used to create a metadata structure for web pages, this data used by search engine to understand more about web pages and usually contain about small information like description, keywords, author, language, robots option, title, and etc about web pages. Meta Tags hold important role on On Page SEO...
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Essential thing that important to create SEO Friendly Content

If you are a blogger or webmaster, you probably heard this term a million times that content is king and SEO is a queen. It is absolutely correct since contents what your visitors are looking for besides an appealing interface (Design). Let’s face it guys, if I am a searcher looking for a solution to my problem and I drop at a site with a clean interface and...
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