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Best Ways To Do Web Directory Submission

04/17/2017 5:46 PM by Ellys Kho in Web development

Remember the time when people use to look up a yellow book for any help be it plumber required to fix a leak or electrician required or maybe a party planner. Yellow book was then the best way to promote your business then and was easy for users too. But in today’s era internet is the new deal. Internet is today’s yellow book with people searching for almost everything from groceries to life partners online. So if you are starting a business or already have a business then you need to promote it on the internet to keep in pace with the world. So to promote your business either it is online or offline your website needs to be registered under a Good Web Directory.

How to Pick Right Web Directory for Submission

It is very important that you should register under a good web directory. So here are some criteria according to which you should judge the directory you choose.


The directory should be genuine and authentic otherwise, it is no good to you. Only authentic directories help you rank better.

Can be Paid/Premium

I am not devaluing free directory, they are golden too. But since they are free, spammers find a way to promote their sites too, thereby creating a bad neighborhood sometimes. So go with paid web directories if it is feasible for you.

Local Directories

You should give priority to local directories because people look for facilities near them. For instance, if you provide the facility of taxi then you will likely be hired by local people more than people further away.

Specific Directories

You should choose directory according to your services. For instance, if you are a locomotive provider then no point being registered under directories with electricians mentioned.

Few Directories

The more the merrier phrase does not apply here. Do not register under 1000 of directories as crawlers will consider you spam. It is wiser to be registered under few but genuine directories.

Longer Period

You have to choose and link with directories that have been effective for a certain time and have shown results.

Well Researched

You should personally search for various directories. Google your profession/niche along with +directory e.g. “driver directory” and check the directories with highest traffic and reputation. You should also check your competitor’s directories and to do that simply search their name + directory.


If your business is popular then it is possible that your name is already in a directory so claim your listing and you decide what consumer read about you.

Why Web Directory Submission Still Important?

Registering under a web directory is important because that gains you a major portion for recognition. When any person searches for any kind of service they mainly go for the services listed on the top and web directories help you to be on top.

Web directories not only share the link to your website but also allow you to choose certain keywords that you associate with your services and hence help you score traffic for your website. The best part is that you can decide under which topic you would like to have your website. Topics are divided by the directories according to various needs.

Simple Tutorial to Submit Your Link into Web Directory



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