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A Comparison in Search Engine Results Pages

04/08/2017 10:48 PM by Ellys Kho in Seo

Search Engine Result Pages (SERP)

On Digital Era, if someone want to know something or find an information they needed, they will use search engines to search it, search engines is a system software created and designed to help people to search world wide web depending on what keywords that users input and the search result often called by Search Engine Result page (SERP). This Search Engines are using bots or Crawlers to mine anything news or updating the old one and index them so the result we can see an information.

Every time Users input the keyword there will lot (hard to count it) result displayed by search engines and sorted into 10 or 20 results per pages, that mean if your web page on rank on the first place that means your website will gain lot visitors from search engines (organic result).

paid and free search engine results pages

After seeing the image the traffic distribution every search engine results pages research by, you can see 42% visitors will only see page 1 and 10% visitors go to page 2 and the count will down for next pages.

price per click for paid results

See the images about keywords volume, for keywords "Apple Computers" there's 45M - 50M/month impression that means on page 1 you get about 18M Impression and 5M impression for page 2, with a price per click is Rp.15000(about 1.3 US$), this will rip your pocket. So this will hard to do for personal business, besides paid result there also a free option available that is Organic Result (Natural).In natural ways you need hard extra hard to achieve this, you need to research your keyword, spying your competitor, optimize your web pages and seeds your web pages and we known this as SEO (search engine optimization).


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