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5 Simple Things will Make Your Site User & SEO Friendly

05/03/2017 11:00 PM by Ellys Kho in Seo

I'm always surprised that people often spend a long time to build their website and even pay thousands of bucks. After that, they just let it online with no progress at all. Listen up, if you employed a salesman for your business and they didn't do their job, what would you do? You would say “you’re fired” in the blink of an eye, wouldn't you? So why do you keep a site that doesn't User & SEO Friendly? You probably really don’t know what to do with that website, do you? Relax, in this article, you will find out 5 tips to build a website that User & SEO Friendly. These five simple tips are absolutely doable and will make your website become user & SEO friendly.

Criteria of User and SEO Friendly website


Customers that will whip out their wallets within the first 30 seconds and yell "I want to buy your products right now!" only exist in a dream. Actually, it requires multiple contacts to entice people to give you their hard earned money! But how will you contact customers if you don’t even know them?

Use your "cyber real estate" to convince these potential customers to willingly give their name and email to you. A cyber real estate is the very best part of your site that people see before they even scroll down. So call your web developer right now and tell them to put a "sign-up" form on your website.


Do your site is full of blinking buttons, rotating images, or even worse, do you still use that "cool" adobe flash intro that blocking access to your site? Most people will only wait a few seconds for your site to load on their screen and if it generally does not, they will forget your site and never come back! Delete all the unnecessary images unless they have an important point about your goods and services. People won’t visit a site that takes forever to load!


This one is very important on 5 tips to build a website that user & SEO friendly. Customers will see the title first, not the summary of your article or your product. So if the title is not attractive you can say goodbye to the customers. Always put the best title on your page to attract customers. Pick and arrange the best words as attractive as possible but still relevant to the niche you are in. Here are some examples. Which title that intrigues you to read? "About our services" or "how an ex-baker turned millionaire reveals his marketing secrets"? Unless the second title is not a click bait, the answer is obvious.


Lately, there is a Japanese publisher of man's magazine released a whole issue only using photos of attractive girls and "bla bla bla" as headings and articles. Yes all of them. So, what’s the point? Well, do you think men buy those mags for the profound, thought provoking articles? In the same vein, do you think your clients visit your site only to read your dissertation about "marketing tips" or "the benefits of chocolate"? Well if your site is monetized by Google AdSense that relies on visitor the number of ads that clicked, then those dissertations are probably good.

However, if your site is selling things, the visitor wants to know how to solve their problems and whether you can help them or not. Don’t hide their problem solver then, don't hide these products you sell. Highlight the huge benefits of your service or product. An informative article is also important, but don’t forget to show you product too.


We all prefer to work with people we know, and trust right? What that you have to do to make people like you and can trust you just by looking at your site? Here are some things that will improve a credibility of your site:

  • Testimonials. A good comment from a previous customer can instantly build your credibility. Using a fake testimonial is not recommended, but if you really honest and credible when the first customer comes, well you can use one. Remember scamming people is not a good way to make money.
  • Show your contact information on every page. Don't cover up your contact address. Inform people how to contact you. Display your number and address. People are much more likely to work with you if they know how to contact you if something goes wrong.
  • Display articles and studies. They offer useful information and build you up as an authority regarding the niche.
  • Post pictures of you and team member. You may post your bio but your picture makes people feel just like they actually know you. I have so many people whom I've never met before and they feel just like they've known me for a long time all because they've seen me on my site.


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